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Stakeholders urge FG to dredge Calabar Port

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By Mercy Kelani

It would have a tremendous positive impact on the economy of the nation.

The enhancement of efficiency at Calabar Port has been strongly urged by maritime stakeholders, who have called upon the Federal Government of Nigeria to ensure prioritization of the urgent dredging of the port. Mr. Dayo Balogun, the Managing Director of ECM Terminals has also expressed his belief that the dredging of Calabar Port would have a tremendous positive impact on the economy of the nation. However, this project is yet to be carried out at the port.

According to reports, the progress of the Calabar channel dredging project has been hindered due to ongoing litigation between the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the contractor responsible for the task. Despite the contract being granted several years ago, Managing Director Mohammed Bello-Koko recently clarified that the dispute has resulted in a standstill for the project. Bello-Koko divulgated an intriguing detail, stating that the contractor and the Federal Government have engaged in an amicable resolution process.

Calabar port is conveniently situated near bustling commercial centres.

This amicable resolution was made outside of the courtroom with regards to the contract. According to Balogun, enhancing the depth of the Calabar Port would not only facilitate feeding importers from the Southeast and other regions in the country, but also ensure their needs are met adequately. Calabar’s advantageous location as the nearest port to the Northeast region makes it a strategic hub for economic endeavours. Regrettably, Douala in Cameroon predominately cater to the market in the Northeast part of Nigeria.

Hence, this inadvertently leads to financial losses for Nigeria, as cargo transiting through Douala drains revenue into Cameroon. In addition to its close proximity to the Northeast, the port is conveniently situated near bustling commercial centres such as Aba and Onitsha. It is also essential to determine the proportion of Nigeria cargo that is destined for the primary and secondary markets of the Northeast, Northwest, and Southeast regions, as these areas are pivotal for eastern ports.

There exists a natural constraint when it comes to upgrading the port.

Mr. Dayo Balogun, MD, ECM Terminals emphasized that the investment in the dredging of Calabar Port holds great potential as it can alleviate the financial burden and inconvenience faced by importers in these areas when it comes to retrieving containers from Lagos State. Furthermore, it is imperative to underscore the significance of assigning ports, a sentiment voiced by Mr. Biodun Gbadamosi, who previously served as the General Manager for Western Ports at the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).

He additionally pressed for the government to step up its efforts in guaranteeing the establishment of an efficient railway system that connects to ports and enables seamless transportation of goods. Designating Calabar Port as a lighter terminal is a sensible choice, he said, as he acknowledged its inherent advantages. Yet, there exists a natural constraint when it comes to upgrading the port. Investing excessively might lead to a detrimental outcome in terms of financial return.

A crucial aspect to take into account is the cargo processing volume.

An effective approach would be to enhance the scope of shipping endeavours by expanding their scale and magnitude, while also considering the possibility of implementing a restricted time frame for incentivizing growth. The crucial aspect to take into account is the cargo processing volume as well. According to him, it is imperative to acknowledge the government’s commitment to efficient railway transportation to and from these ports, as well as the existence of a well-established road network.

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2 months ago

Stakeholders urge FG to dredge Calabar Port. It would have a tremendous positive impact on the economy of the nation. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

The urgent dredging of Calabar Port has been strongly advocated by maritime stakeholders, emphasizing its potential positive impact on the nation’s economy. Despite a delay in the dredging project due to ongoing litigation, there are indications of an amicable resolution between the contractor and the Federal Government. The enhanced depth of Calabar Port could benefit importers in the Southeast and other regions, addressing their needs and reducing reliance on distant ports like Douala in Cameroon. The strategic location of Calabar Port near commercial centers makes it pivotal, and stakeholders emphasize the importance of efficient railway systems and cargo processing volume in optimizing its potential. Balancing investment with financial returns remains a crucial consideration for the port’s upgrade.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

Absolutely! Dredging the Calabar Port would be a game-changer for the nation’s economy. It has the potential to bring tremendous positive impacts by enhancing trade and commerce, attracting more ships, and increasing the capacity for larger vessels to dock. This would not only boost economic growth but also create job opportunities and stimulate various industries. The improved infrastructure and efficiency at the port would facilitate smoother import and export processes, benefiting businesses and consumers alike. It’s crucial for the government to consider the stakeholders’ urging and prioritize the dredging of the Calabar Port to unlock its full potential and contribute to the overall development of the nation.

2 months ago

Our economy depends on the urgent need for dredging at Calabar Port. Its benefits, particularly for Southeast Asian importers who are less dependent on far-off ports, are emphasized by stakeholders. Resolution appears possible, despite litigation’s delays.Because of its proximity to commercial hubs, Calabar Port is essential, and stakeholders stress that the port’s full potential can only be realized with effective rail systems and ample cargo processing capacity.

2 months ago

The FG is urged by stakeholders to dredge Calabar Port. The nation’s economy would benefit greatly from it. I’m hoping the interested parties will keep pressuring the administration to guarantee that the Calabar port is dredged. It would have a good impact on the port and strengthen our economy.