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FG to close Third Mainland Bridge again

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By Abraham Adekunle

Emergency repairs prompt closure of critical section on the bridge.

In a recent announcement, the Federal Government has disclosed plans to temporarily close the Iyana Oworonshoki-Adeniji Adele section of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos. The closure, set to commence on January 9, 2024, is part of the ongoing efforts to carry out crucial emergency repairs on this vital transportation artery. Mrs. Olukorede Kesha, the Federal Controller of Works for Lagos State, issued a statement on December 28, 2023 shedding light on the impending closure. This decision comes after several intermittent closures of different sections of the bridge over the past few years, reflecting the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and functionality of this critical infrastructure.

Unlike previous closures, the upcoming shutdown will specifically target the Lagos Island-bound carriageway of the Third Mainland Bridge. Mrs. Kesha emphasized the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and exploring alternative routes to mitigate inconveniences during the comprehensive repair period. In her official statement, she articulated the government’s stance: “The Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Works wishes to inform the motoring public that the emergency repairs of Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos will continue with the closure of Iyana Oworonshoki-Adeniji Adele bound for the effective repairs of the entire section of the bridge.”

Alternative routes have been suggested to road users.

To facilitate smooth traffic flow and reduce disruptions for commuters, the Federal Controller of Works proposed alternative routes. Among the recommended options are the Ojota-Ikorodu Road-Funsho Williams Avenue-Eko Bridge-Apogbon-CMS route and the Ojota-Ikorodu Road-Jibowu-Yaba-Oyingbo-Iddo-Carter Bridge-CMS route. Also, the Gbagada-Anthony-Ikorodu Road-Funsho Williams-Eko Bridge-Apogbon-CMS route has been suggested as an alternative to help alleviate congestion during the repair period. Motorists are urged to cooperate with traffic management officials deployed to oversee the smooth flow of traffic on these alternative routes.

Spanning 11.8 kilometers, the Third Mainland Bridge, is currently undergoing comprehensive rehabilitation. As the longest of the three bridges connecting Lagos Island to the Mainland, it plays a pivotal role in the region’s transportation network. The bridge’s origins trace back to its construction in 1990, marking its status as the longest bridge in Africa until 1996 when the Oct. 6 Bridge in Cairo, Egypt, was completed. Given the bridge’s significance and the critical repairs underway, Mrs. Kesha expressed gratitude for the public’s past cooperation and understanding. However, she emphasized the need for continued support during this repair period, acknowledging that more cooperation is expected to minimize discomfort for commuters.

Authorities and the public must collaborate to facilitate this repair.

The closure of the Iyana Oworonshoki-Adeniji Adele section represents a strategic step in the ongoing rehabilitation efforts. The Third Mainland Bridge, linking Oworonshoki to the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway and Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, concludes at the Adeniji Adele Interchange on Lagos Island. This critical link not only serves as a major transportation route but also contributes significantly to the economic activities of the region. In light of the impending closure, it becomes imperative for motorists to plan their journeys meticulously, taking into account the alternative routes suggested by the authorities. The announced closure date of January 9, 2024, offers a window for individuals and businesses to adjust their schedules and operations accordingly.

This proactive approach of the Federal Government in addressing the maintenance needs of the Third Mainland Bridge shows its commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of key infrastructure. Emergency repairs are crucial to addressing unforeseen structural issues and preventing potential hazards, and the temporary closure is a prudent measure to facilitate these repairs promptly. As commuters prepare for the upcoming disruption, collaboration between the public and relevant authorities is paramount. The success of the repair efforts and the overall efficiency of the transportation system during this period hinge on the collective adherence to traffic regulations and the use of designated alternative routes.

Motorists can contribute to the seamless repair of the bridge.

Overall, the closure of the Iyana Oworonshoki-Adeniji Adele section of the Third Mainland Bridge represents a significant development in the ongoing efforts to revitalize this critical piece of infrastructure. As the government takes decisive steps to ensure the bridge’s long-term functionality, the public cooperation remains instrumental. By embracing the recommended alternative routes and adhering to traffic guidelines, motorists can contribute to a seamless repair process and pave the way for an improved and safer Third Mainland Bridge in the near future.

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1 month ago

FG to close Third Mainland Bridge again.Emergency repairs prompt closure of critical section on the bridge. – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

The news of the Third Mainland Bridge closure for emergency repairs is a necessary step for ensuring long-term safety. While it may cause inconvenience, I appreciate the government’s commitment to maintaining critical infrastructure. I’ll plan my routes accordingly, and I hope for public cooperation to ensure a smooth repair process for an improved Third Mainland Bridge.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

That’s unfortunate news about the Third Mainland Bridge needing to be closed again for emergency repairs. While it may cause inconvenience and disruptions to commuters, it’s crucial for the safety and structural integrity of the bridge. The government’s decision to prioritize the repairs shows their commitment to ensuring the well-being of the public and maintaining critical infrastructure. It’s important to stay updated on alternative routes and plan accordingly to minimize any inconveniences caused by the closure. Let’s hope that the repairs are completed efficiently and that the bridge can be reopened as soon as possible for everyone’s convenience and safety.

1 month ago

It is imperative for long-term safety that the Third Mainland Bridge be closed for repairs as soon as possible. I applaud the government for its commitment to preserve vital infrastructure to ensure people safety government should finish the project once and for all and make it great

1 month ago

Third Mainland Bridge will be closed by FG once more due to emergency repairs that force the shutdown of a vital portion of the bridge. Work on this third mainland bridge must be finished so movement can resume back