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We serve the best Nigerian style suya and grill Tilapia, catfish, and snappers, Let’s meat

Desector Pub & Restaurant

Desector in Lagos is open every day from 12 PM to 3 AM. These makes

Amatuwo Ontario

Amala & Tuwo with variety of soups like Gbegiri, Ewedu, Assorted meat, Efo riro, Ayamase.

RandyQ grills / Suya republick

Discover the finest Authentic Nigerian (SUYA & BBQ Republick) cuisine tailored to delight your palate.

JD Lounge

JD Lounge – Spirits – Beer – Wine – Refreshments Dealers in all kinds of

Ask Nigeria Listings

Ask everyone which steak is best, and most would always choose our New York Strip. 

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