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Federal Fire Service is recruiting staff

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By Mercy Kelani

Distinct groups available for eligible persons: inspectorate cadre, asst cadre.

Qualified candidates are now being invited by the Federal Fire Service (FFS) to apply through their online portal. Numerous positions are available and need to be filled, presenting a great opportunity for eligible individuals. According to an advertorial published in a newspaper, FFS has stipulated that interested applicants are required to submit their applications online within a timeframe of six (6) weeks starting from December 27 2023. The Board for Civil Defence, Correctional, Fire and Immigration Services (CDCFIB) has announced that they have two distinct groups available for individuals who are eligible and keen to apply: inspectorate cadre and assistant cadre.

According to the Fire Services, individuals interested in the Inspector Of Fire (IF) CONPASS 07 (Nursing) position need to have acquired the necessary qualifications. These qualifications include being a Registered Nurse (RN), a Registered Midwife (RM), or a Registered Nurse/Midwife (RNIM) from reputed institutions. To apply for the position of Assistant Inspector Of Fire (AIF) at the CONPASS 06 level, candidates should possess either an NCE or a National Diploma (ND) in a relevant field from an accredited Polytechnic or Institution.

It is recommended for candidates to bring printed Referee Forms.

To qualify for the position of Fire Assistant II (FA II) at CONPASS 04, candidates should have obtained at least five (5) credits in GCE Ordinary level, SSCE/NECO or similar qualifications. These credits must be achieved in a maximum of two sittings and must include English and Mathematics. The position of Fire Assistant III (FAIII) requires a Specialist Appliance Driver with a CONPASS 03 level. Interested candidates must possess a General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary level, Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE)/ National Examinations Council (NECO), or their equivalent, with at least five (5) credits.

These credits should be obtained in not more than two sittings and must include English and Mathematics. Having a Class E drivers License will be considered as a valuable asset for applicants. It has been advised by FFS that applications are to be submitted online, with candidates being required to access the portal at in order to fill out and send their application forms through the internet. As part of the screening process, it is strongly recommended for candidates to bring printed Referee Forms that have been fully filled out. These forms are essential and must be submitted accordingly.

Candidates seeking placement must fulfill 2 essential statutory criteria.

FFS advises candidates to bear in mind that if they submit more than one application, their chances of disqualification will be significantly heightened. The recruitment conditions outline that candidates seeking placement must fulfill two essential statutory criteria. First, it is obligatory for applicants to be born in Nigeria. Secondly, they must hold the necessary qualifications as per the standards set forth. FFS stated that any certificates or qualifications that are not presented and accepted at the recruitment center will be considered invalid and will not be accepted subsequent to the recruitment process.

Also, In order to qualify, applicants are required to be in excellent physical condition and must provide medical fitness documentation from hospitals recognized by the Government. Additionally, possessing good moral character is crucial, and eligibility extends to individuals who have maintained a clean record without any prior convictions for criminal offenses. Applicants for Federal Fire Service (FFS) were specifically required to have no affiliations with secretive organizations, cults, drug addiction, or any other illicit practices.

Specified age range for applicants is from 18 to 35 years.

Additionally, they were expected to possess a clean financial record, having never been associated with any fiscal missteps or embarrassments. Male and female applicants must meet certain criteria to be considered. The specified age range is from 18 to 35 years. Additionally, males must have a minimum height of 1.65m, while females must have a minimum height of 1.60m. For males, it is required that their chest measurement is not less than 0.87m. On top of these requirements, possessing computer literacy skills will provide an additional advantage to applicants.

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1 month ago

Federal fire service is recruiting staff.Distinct groups available for eligible persons: inspectorate cadre, asst cadre.Express your point of view.

1 month ago

The news of the Federal Fire Service recruiting staff is a welcome opportunity for many. It’s a chance for eligible individuals to contribute to public service. The outlined requirements emphasize the need for qualified and morally upright candidates, reflecting the importance of integrity in such roles. I hope this recruitment brings positive changes and contributes to the safety and well-being of our communities.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

That’s great news! The fact that the Federal Fire Service is recruiting staff means that there are opportunities for eligible individuals to join the inspectorate cadre or assistant cadre. This is an exciting chance for people who are interested in serving their community and making a difference in fire safety and prevention. It’s always encouraging to see organizations actively seeking new members to strengthen their team. If you or someone you know is eligible and interested, it could be a fantastic opportunity to pursue a career in the fire service.

1 month ago

The continuous hiring of new employees by the Federal Fire Service is a good thing. By highlighting qualifications and ethics, it provides opportunities for qualified people to fill important responsibilities. I think our communities will benefit and public safety will be improved by this program.

1 month ago

Staff is being sought by the Federal Fire Service. Different groupings are accessible to qualified individuals: inspectorate cadre and assistant cadre. The federal fire department is expanding its workforce. This position has become available for employment. It is my hope that qualified individuals will apply to join us in the battle against fire accidents.