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Reps urge FG to complete census process

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Nothing hinders the national population and housing census from taking place.

The completion of the census preparation process has been strongly advocated by the House of Representatives Committee on Population. Despite the process currently being at 80% completion, the committee remains firm in their belief that there are no obstacles preventing the national population and housing census from taking place. During a press briefing on Monday at the National Assembly (NASS) in Abuja, Okunjimi John Odimayo, the chairman of the committee, made this declaration regarding the Commission’s budget defence for the year 2024.

In his statement, he emphasised that the Commission’s extensive preparation and utilisation of advanced technology guarantee the nation’s confidence in obtaining accurate data for efficient national planning. His remarks revolved around the Commission’s purpose of showcasing their achievements in the 2023 budget and outlining their plans for the 2024 budget. Prior to this, they had engaged in a two-day retreat; it is evident that the Commission is abundantly ready to undertake the census, according to his observations.

More opportunities await the country upon its successful completion.

Also, the Commission has made it evident to them that they have gone above and beyond by providing a detailed list of the major items purchased, indicating their commitment to the census. Based on the presented information, they have full confidence in their readiness. The legislators hold a strong conviction that the completion of this process will bring great value. They express satisfaction with the progress made thus far and firmly believe that Nigeria will finally possess data that can benefit every facet of the economy. Their confidence in this matter is unwavering.

Providing more details on financial issues relating to the commission, Odimayo highlighted that despite allegations of mishandling finances and the like, the Commission has effectively accounted for and justified all expenditures relating to the preparations for the census in discussion. The money has been put to good use, as demonstrated through their robust explanations and evidence. Odimayo confidently asserted that the funds had not been squandered and emphasised the Commission’s readiness to conduct the census.

Other demo-graphical initiatives are also carried out on health.

Similarly, the Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) for 2023-2024 is now being carried out by the National Population Commission across all 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate, the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, initiated the commencement in Abuja. Pate clarified that the NDHS, Nigeria’s eighth edition, holds a far-reaching purpose beyond statistics compilation. Instead, it signifies a significant stride towards comprehending the healthcare scenario and establishing a benchmark for performance evaluation.

Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Mrs. Daju Kachollom, who represented Pate, portrayed the NDHS launch as an embodiment of their united determination to provide stakeholders with the essential insights required to design precise policies and interventions that can enhance the quality of life for Nigerians. Pate emphasised the vital importance of acquiring a comprehensive grasp of the demographic and health measures to bolster economic growth strategies. The enhancement of citizens’ well-being substantially promotes the efficiency of the labour force, thus cultivating economic advancement.

A new revolution is about to be experienced in the census space.

According to the National Population Commission, the Nigeria Census for 2023 is set to revolutionise how it’s carried out. This groundbreaking approach began by employing mobile handheld devices, geographic information systems (GIS), and satellite imageries to digitally map the entire territorial expanse of Nigeria, ensuring accurate enumeration area demarcation. Hence, it will mark the country’s inaugural Digital Census, transforming the traditional methodology. It will greatly benefit from the digital frame created, as it serves as a crucial instrument in efficiently coordinating and organising the human and material resources required for planning purposes.

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2 months ago

Reps urge FG to complete census process. – Nothing hinders the national population and housing census from taking place. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

The completion of the country’s housing and population census is essential for efficient planning and government. We will be able to learn more about our population, demography, and housing needs thanks to the census.

2 months ago

The urgency to complete the census is clear, and the use of advanced technology is promising for accurate data. The commitment to transparency in financial matters is reassuring. The ongoing Demographic and Health Survey reflects a holistic approach to understanding societal needs. The shift to a Digital Census signifies progress and efficiency in planning for the nation’s future.

2 months ago

Complete of census is needed census will help determine the number of people in the country and advanced technology want to be use to ensure accurate data this is really good to achieve accurate data of the census

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

I completely agree with the representatives urging the Federal Government to complete the census process. There shouldn’t be anything hindering the national population and housing census from taking place.
Conducting a census is crucial for a country to have accurate and up-to-date data on its population. It provides valuable information that can be used for planning, policy-making, and resource allocation. Understanding the demographics, population distribution, and housing conditions is essential for effective governance and development.
A comprehensive census can help identify areas of need, allocate resources appropriately, and ensure that government programs and services are targeted to the right places and people. It also provides a basis for monitoring social and economic progress over time.
Completing the census process is a necessary step towards having accurate data that can inform decision-making and help shape a better future for Nigeria. It’s important for the government to prioritize this and ensure that the necessary resources and support are provided to carry out a successful census.