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LASU ranks 1st State Uni. in Tech usage

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By Mercy Kelani

It was awarded the Digital Transformation State University Excellence Award.

Lagos State University, popularly known as LASU, is currently experiencing immense joy and excitement after being recognized as the 9th best University in Nigeria and the best State University. The commendable achievements of the University continues, as it has once again emerged as the leading state university in the nation, securing three prestigious awards at the recently concluded Nigeria Technology Awards. The prestigious awards ceremony attracted the most influential figures in the technology sector in Nigeria.

At this event, LASU solidified its position as the undeniable front-runner among state universities in the nation. This accolade came forth as LASU triumphed in three distinct categories: Digital Transformation State University Excellence Award, State University with the Best Use of Technology for Student Records, and State University with the Best Utilization of Technology for E-learning purposes. Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, mni, NPOM, led a delegation from the university, although represented by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Prof. Olufunsho Omobitan.

A few days ago, LASU unveiled a mobile application, LASU Staff Corner.

The delegation from the state-owned institution was present to accept the awards on behalf of the institution. It was noteworthy that LASU garnered a significant amount of attention as it continuously received multiple awards, which has made it stand out as one of the most recognized organizations among all those present. Beta Media, the organizers of the event, have proclaimed that after a lengthy period of nominations and voting, the accolades were finally bestowed upon the recipients.

Various esteemed institutions across the nation were actively involved in this process. The acknowledgement of LASU’s standing in the technology realm validates the progress achieved by the university in the past two years, spearheaded by Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello. This progress revolves around the implementation of digitalization in various processes and services. It is worth mentioning that just a few days ago, LASU unveiled a mobile application known as LASU Staff Corner, aimed at enhancing the productivity of staff members.

Ex-Executive Sec of NUC acknowledged LASU as an exemplary model.

This introduction was met with widespread acclaim from various stakeholders. During the 26th Convocation of the institution in June 2023, the university was acknowledged by the former Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC) as an exemplary model for incorporating technology in Nigerian universities. Notably, the recognition highlights the institution’s significant role in pioneering technological advancements within the educational sector. Prof. Omobitan was joined by several members of the university staff to receive the Award.

These included the Deputy Bursar of Epe Campus, Mr. Jerry Jinadu, who represented the Bursar, Mr. Said Babatunde Olayinka. Also in attendance were Dr. Lateef Sekoni, Deputy Registrar of VCO, Dr. Lateef Salami, Deputy Bursar and Special Assistant to the VC, Mrs. Oluwayemisi Thomas-Onashile, Coordinator of CIPR, and Mr. Oluwaseun Gbanja, Media Assistant to the VC. Established for almost a decade, the Nigerian Technology Awards is a yearly occasion dedicated to honouring and compensating Technology Entrepreneurs, Technology experts, corporate entities, trailblazers, educators, and policymakers in the realm of technology.

Several esteemed accolades were bestowed upon renowned names.

Additionally, the ultimate goal of this event is to encourage and acknowledge remarkable accomplishments within the Nigerian Technology Space. The prestigious annual ceremony was scheduled to take place on Saturday, the 9th of December 2023, at the luxurious VirginRose Resort situated in Victoria Island, Lagos. In the realm of technology, several esteemed accolades were bestowed upon renowned names like DHL, Tecno, Nigerian Deposit Insurance Commission (NDIC), Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), iTel mobile, Vatebra Limited, and numerous others, recognizing their excellence across diverse award categories.

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2 months ago

LASU ranks 1st State Uni. in Tech usage. – It was awarded the Digital Transformation State University Excellence Award. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

Congratulations to LASU for being named the best state university for using technology. It demonstrates how LASU is embracing technology and making good use of it to improve instruction and give her students access to a state-of-the-art learning environment.

2 months ago

LASU’s recognition as the best State University and its triple win at the Nigeria Technology Awards highlight its leadership in technology adoption. The Digital Transformation State University Excellence Award, along with accolades for technology use in student records and e-learning, solidify LASU’s commitment to innovation. The recent unveiling of the LASU Staff Corner mobile app further showcases the university’s dedication to enhancing productivity. Acknowledgment from the former Executive Secretary of NUC reinforces LASU’s exemplary role in incorporating technology into Nigerian universities. The awards ceremony, attended by influential figures in the technology sector, underscores LASU’s significant strides in digitalization within the past two years.

2 months ago

When it comes to technology usage, LASU is ranked first among state universities. It received the Excellence Award for Digital Transformation from State University. The most prominent individuals in Nigeria’s technology industry were present at the esteemed awards presentation.In an effort to increase staff productivity, LASU released the LASU Staff Corner mobile application this is nice it show there effort in technology program

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

That’s fantastic news! Congratulations to LASU for ranking 1st among state universities in tech usage and receiving the Digital Transformation State University Excellence Award. It’s a remarkable achievement and a testament to LASU’s commitment to embracing technology in education.
In today’s digital age, integrating technology in educational institutions is crucial for providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the modern world. By leveraging technology, LASU can enhance teaching and learning experiences, promote innovative research, and prepare students for the digital workforce.
Tech usage in universities can open up new avenues for collaboration, facilitate access to resources, and foster interactive and engaging learning environments. It’s great to see LASU leading the way in this aspect and being recognized for their efforts.
I hope that this recognition inspires other universities to prioritize technology integration and digital transformation in their own institutions. Kudos to LASU for their outstanding achievement! 🎉👏