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Nigeria ranks 3rd highest pasta consumer

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By Mercy Kelani

A 320 percent increase was recorded by Glovo in the last year.

Glovo Nigeria recently disclosed that in the last year, the pasta consumption of Nigerians increased by 320 percent according to the General Manager of Glovo Nigeria, Mrs. Lamide Akinola, in Lagos, that the 320 percent was witnessed in units that were delivered through Glovo. As a result of this development, Nigeria has now become the third fastest-growing country across the globe in the consumption of pasta. The two leading countries in the consumption of this food are Tunisia and Venezuela.

Akinola highlighted that in the past year, this dish was delivered by Glovo every four minutes. This shows the massive love that the nation has for the Italian dishes. She further emphasized that regardless of the Italian origins of the dish, its taste and versatility has entirely captured the hearts of the Nigerian citizens. There are several recipes for consumption of the dish. However, Nigerian citizens mostly consume five pasta recipes, according to Mrs. Lamide Akinola.

An increase of 173 percent in customers was witnessed by Glovo.

According to the General Manager of Glovo Nigeria, one of the top five most consumed recipes in Nigeria is stir-fried pasta — the country is ranked as the first across the world in this category, at 97 percent consumption. The other four recipes are Salad Pasta, Jollof Pasta — Nigeria is also ranked as the first globally, with 96 percent consumption — Beef Pasta, and Chicken Pasta. There is also the commemoration of the World Pasta Day 2023.

As all countries across the globe gather together for the celebration of this day, Glovo has had a record of an impressive delivery rate of a pasta dish in every four minutes. Also, the delivery company has witnessed a 173 percent increase in customers who place orders for the dish. With this surge, Nigeria has become the leading country all over the world, in the aspect of the frequency of orders, the General Manager reiterated.

Noon is the time of the day with the highest consumption rate.

It was further disclosed by the Glovo MD that lunchtime is the most preferred time for consumption of the dish among Nigerian citizens who cherish the delicacy. She stated that in comparison to the global trend and with a 27 percent increase, 12noon seems to be the time of the day with the highest consumption of pasta, indicating a lunchtime affinity. According to Mrs. Lamide Akinola, this lunchtime pasta consumption signifies a difference from the global trend, where the dish is mostly consumed for dinner, around 8pm.

Throughout the week, consumption of the Italian dish is usually linear as Thursday emerges as the peak day and accounts for 16 percent of consumption per week. However, weekday consumption — from Monday to Friday — exceeds weekend consumption by 28 percent. Lagos Island has the highest percentage — 39 percent — of the total pasta consumption delivered through Glovo, closely followed by Lagos Mainland — 25 percent. The GM expressed delight at the increasing growth in the consumption on the Glovo platform.

Through Glovo, Nigerians are connected with the flavours they love.

The GM stated that the collaborations within this dish category have thrived as there is a 239 percent increase in partners offering products related to pasta. She added that there is a significant extension of the partnership growth to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME). This extension captures the commitment of Glovo to providing support for local businesses. She stressed that she believed that the company plays a significant role in bringing Nigerians closer to flavours they love. The company also ensures facilitation of the development of its partners, whether they are emerging SMEs or established restaurants.

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