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Obasanjo encourages local adire production

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By Mercy Kelani

FG will revive the textile industries of the nation to make this happen.

Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria, implored the Federal Government to save the local market of Adire fabrics from likely “bastardization”. This can be achieved by banning the importation of Chinese Adire into Nigeria. The government was urged by Obasanjo to guarantee that local production of Adire is protected from the importation of Chinese Adire, including other things that can be manufactured locally in Nigeria. Obasanjo made this appeal at the state capital, at the ‘Canada Trade Mission ‘24’ pre conference session in Abeokuta.

He disclosed that Ado-Ekiti, Kaduna and Kano used to be the sources for the materials, but they are no longer producing. This conference was organised and coordinated by Solteque Nigeria Ltd. The guest speakers at the programme were the Permanent Secretary Ogun State Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Mrs. Oluwatosin Oloko; Realtor of the Pelican Valley, Babatunde Adeyemo and others. The elder statesman, Obasanjo, implored the Federal Government to revive the textile industries of the nation to promote the availability of raw materials, which will aid the manufacturers to produce local Adire.

Materials that are used to produce it are no longer available.

The elder statesman also introduced the establishment of a formal training institution for the people, where they can learn and be certified on the production of the fabric, after the completion of their training. He praised Traditional rulers for attending the programme. He said that their presence depicted that they are genuine custodians of culture. He mentioned that people have stated that bastardizing the local Nigeria Adire product was caused by China because the local fabric was not valued by citizens.

Nevertheless, the Ogun State government was commended for the establishment of Oja Itoku for the Adire market. According to Obasanjo’s statement, the initiative of the market was a good plan, however, he said that not having Adire sellers in the market will not be a good plan. Obasanjo said that the materials that are used to produce the fabric are no longer available in their source area such as Kaduna and Ado-Ekiti. Hence, the nation needs to ensure that promoters of this indigenous fabric, the manufacturers and sellers, are collaborated and working together, while the government revives the Textile industry in the country.

Many have become successful through real estate investment.

Additionally, he added that there must be an establishment of a training institution for the people to be equipped with skills on Adire production. Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, the Chief Executive Officer of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, stressed that the functionality of real estate enterprise, as a medium to entice Nigerian investors that are expatriates, improve the Internally Generated Revenue and the foreign exchange of the nation that are cited in Ogun State, provide jobs, and wealth creation, are for the present and future generations.

Adeyemo stated that there are opportunities to invest in real estate. He added that people have become successful by investing in Real estate, and are exhibiting it by motivating and enlightening others. He was privileged to have invested in real estate with modest capital, and opportune to be recognized in Ogun State and worldwide. Also, he said that the relationship with him and his client, the person who organized the event, through real estate made him to come back to the country, and accounted that the client built a company on the land he bought from him.

People are not aware of the advantages of real estate.

According to Adeyemo, more than 400 Nigerians in the Diaspora have been brought back to Nigeria; while from his own camp, Manitoba, about 100 people have purchased land from his organisation. He discussed that real estate as advantageous as Nigerians want to export Adire. He explained that people are not aware of the advantages of real estate, which is very explorable as the people attract investors. The benefit of it is that it will contribute to the development of Ogun state and Nigeria as a whole.

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