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New amendment to raise qualification

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By Dawn

Raising educational requirements for government makes it difficult for uneducated to lead.

The proposed bill seeking to amend the 1999 Constitution to raise the academic qualification for office of the President, Governors, State and National Assembly members from school certificate to university degree or its equivalent was passed for second reading in the House of Representatives yesterday.

The bill, which was sponsored by Hon. Yakubu Dogara, the Speaker of the House, was greeted with mixed reactions from members of the House. While some members argued that the bill would help to improve the quality of leadership in the country, others argued that the bill was not necessary because most of the current leaders in the country were not university graduates. The bill, if passed into law, would require all office holders in the country to possess a university degree or its equivalent.

This is a crucial measure for protecting our democracy

This Legislation seeks to review the required educational qualification for election into certain political offices. This is a necessary step in ensuring that those who hold public office are qualified and capable of carrying out their duties effectively. The legislation proposes that the required educational qualification be increased to a degree from a recognized institution. This is to ensure that those who are elected to public office are sufficiently educated and capable of carrying out their duties. The legislation also proposes that the relevant authority be responsible for verifying the educational qualification of candidates. This is to ensure that only those who meet the required qualification are elected to public office.

This bill is an important step in ensuring that only those who are qualified are elected into positions of political power. By reviewing the educational requirements for these offices, we can make it more difficult for uneducated individuals to hold these positions. This is a crucial measure for protecting our democracy and ensuring that the voices of the people are heard. It is important to note that this bill does not prohibit uneducated individuals from running for office, it only requires that they have a certain level of Education in order to be elected. This is a necessary measure to prevent uneducated individuals from holding positions of power, and to ensure that our democracy functions properly.

Political offices must have a term limit of two consecutive terms.

The bill, according to the speaker, is not targeted at stopping people from getting interested in Politics, but rather helping them to be better prepared for the role. He argues that, while it is fair to require more from people looking for positions in a company than those running for political offices, the bill would provide the necessary support and training for those running for office. This would include teaching them about the structure of government, the functions of different parts of government, and how to be effective leaders.

This amendment affects many strategic political offices, but the highest offices, like the governor and president, should not be exempt from it. A managing director in a company is just as strategic as these political offices and should be held to the same standard. The amendment establishes that all strategic political offices must have a term limit of two consecutive terms. This amendment is important because it helps to prevent the monopolization of power and ensures that fresh ideas and new perspectives are brought into these offices. It also helps to prevent Corruption and ensures that these offices are held by qualified individuals.

Create transparency and accountability within our system

Having qualified, educated leaders in positions of power within our government is essential to ensuring our democracy functions effectively and efficiently. Leaders with the proper education and training can make well informed decisions that will benefit our country as a whole. Additionally, having leaders who are familiar with the inner workings of our government can help to create transparency and accountability within our system. It is critical that we have qualified individuals in positions of power in order to maintain the integrity of our democracy.


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