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Professionals in the Country need to unite

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There is a demand for those professionals that wish to step up and help fix Nigeria once and for all.

Aare Afe Babalola, founder of Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD), has called on professionals to get more involved in Politics in order to promote growth and development in the country. He stressed the importance of committed individuals with a strong background in various fields working together to improve Nigeria. Babalola noted that many countries have progressed because professionals in various fields got more involved in the political process, and Nigeria can achieve the same level of progress if this trend is followed. He added that it is important for professionals to have a clear understanding of the political process and how it works in order to make informed decisions that will benefit the country.

Politics and governance should not be left to the politicians alone, he added. Nigeria’s Professionals must be ready to do their part in order to save our nation. Other countries in the world have collapsed due to bad governance, and that Nigeria will not be an exception if urgent steps are not taken to salvage the situation. He called on professionals in different fields to brace up and contribute their best to the development of the country.

There are many challenges facing the engineers in Nigeria.

COREN should take a stronger stance against bad engineering practices that lead to building collapses and fatalities. This is a critical issue, as many lives have been lost already, and we need to do better. Poor engineering practices can lead to all sorts of problems, including building collapses, and we need to make sure that our engineering standards are as high as possible to avoid such tragedies. COREN can play a critical role in ensuring that our engineering practices are safe and effective, and I urge them to take a stronger stance against bad engineering practices.

Engineers and other professionals have a responsibility to take a stand to improve the state of Nigeria. The changes need to start with the engineers, in order to create a better society. There are many issues in Nigeria that need to be addressed, including Poverty, Education, and Infrastructure. The engineers are in a unique position to make a difference, and they need to use their skills and knowledge to make a positive impact. There are many challenges facing the engineers in Nigeria. The first is the need to improve the quality of Education. The engineers need to be educated in the latest technologies and methods, so they can be effective in their work. The second challenge is the need to improve the Infrastructure.

Knowledge, skill and attitudes must be exhibited by students.

The renowned lawyer advocates for a new people’s constitution to be put in place before the 2023 elections, in order to ensure Nigeria does not reinvest in failed leaders. The Registrar of COREN says there is a need to strengthen the accreditation system for engineering in Nigerian universities to produce graduates that meet local and international demands.

Odigure has argued that the rapid pace of Globalization and emerging technologies globally, make it necessary for engineering faculties to be properly regulated for local and international recognition of certificates obtained from Nigerian higher institutions. it is an approach to Education that focuses on specific attributes like knowledge, skill and attitudes that must be exhibited by students.

A workforce that can compete in a global economy.

Nigeria’s Education system is in need of reform, and one way to achieve this is through OBE. OBE helps to empower a workforce that can compete in a Global Economy, and it is important to engage the local Artisans and craftsmen to help with engineering development. OBE is essential to equip students with the skills necessary to compete in the 21st century job market. In addition, it is important to engage the local community to help develop the engineering field.

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