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Min. warns against mine explosive leakages

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By Mercy Kelani

FG is currently monitoring the flow of explosives from producers to end-users.

Dr. Oladele Alake, the Minister in charge of Solid Minerals Development, has urged manufacturers of mine explosives to address the reported incidents of leakage from their factories. He emphasized the importance of enhancing the security and logistics of their operations in order to effectively tackle this issue. During a spontaneous gathering in his office in Abuja, Alake voiced his concerns regarding the manufacturers’ involvement in allowing unauthorized individuals to access explosives and their careless storage practices throughout the nation.

The public’s discontent with this situation was evident, as Alake discussed at an urgent meeting with the manufacturers on Friday. In a statement released by Segun Tomori, the Minister’s Special Assistant (Media), it was highlighted that the government is currently examining the process of monitoring the flow of explosives from manufacturers to end-users. To tackle the issue of illegal sales or manufacturing of explosives, the Minister appealed to the authorities to focus internally and identify employees who may be involved in such activities.

Implementation of state-of-the-art security measures.

Solar Nigachem Limited, Intrachem Limited, and Dynatrac Limited were all present at the meeting, with representatives from each of the three licensed manufacturers of explosives in attendance. Biodun Abu, the Chief Executive Officer of Intrachem Limited and the chairman of the Association of Commercial Explosives Dealers, vividly elucidated that the manufacturers have scrupulously adhered to governmental regulations regarding the safeguarding of their operations. This entailed the implementation of state-of-the-art security measures, encompassing the installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems within their factories.

Furthermore, they have ingeniously devised a unique coding system for their explosives, thereby facilitating seamless tracking capabilities for both the manufacturer and the respective ordering entity. Furthermore, Abu highlighted the ongoing challenge faced by manufacturers and their clients as they seek approvals for escorts to oversee the transportation of their goods to their ultimate consumers. However, once the goods reach the clients, there remains an inability to effectively verify if any incidents of potential leakage have occurred.

Explosives produced within Nigeria were in the form of slurry.

Imam Ganiyu, the Director of the Mines Inspectorate Department in the Ministry of Solid Minerals, kicked off the presentation by introducing the manufacturers. A significant point highlighted by Imam Ganiyu was that the explosives produced within Nigeria were in the form of slurry, requiring the use of detonators to trigger their explosion. In 2007, Nigeria implemented a ban on the utilization of dynamite for mining activities. However, it has been noticed that neighbouring countries like Cameroon and Mali continue to employ these explosive materials.

This poses a significant concern as there is a possibility that these explosives could unlawfully make their way into Nigeria through the borders. Maureen Tiamiyu, A.Muibi, and Hegen Ali from Solar Nigachem Limited were among the attendees at the meeting. The participants also included Chidi Opara and Ohio Musa from Dynatrac Limited, Engr Babajide Alatise from Tuntise Investment Limited, Engineer Yomi Aluko from Intrachem Limited, and Kehinde Bamigbetan, who serves as the Special Adviser to the Minister.

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Ask Nigeria
30 days ago

Min. warns against mine explosive leakages. – FG is currently monitoring the flow of explosives from producers to end-users.Express your point of view.

30 days ago

Concerns raised by the Minister of Solid Minerals Development regarding mine explosive leakages underline the importance of enhanced security measures by manufacturers. The government’s efforts to monitor the explosives’ flow and address potential unauthorized access are crucial for public safety. Manufacturers’ commitment to regulations and innovative security measures is acknowledged, but post-transportation verification remains a challenge. The ban on dynamite usage in Nigeria is a significant step, yet vigilance is needed to prevent potential impacts from neighboring countries.

Adeoye Adegoke
30 days ago

It’s really important for the government to monitor the flow of explosives from producers to end-users and prevent any leakages. The safety and security of the public should always be a top priority. By closely monitoring and regulating the distribution of explosives, we can minimize the risk of accidents, unauthorized use, and potential harm to individuals and communities. It’s crucial for the government to work together with producers and end-users to ensure strict compliance with safety protocols and regulations. Let’s hope for effective measures to be in place to prevent any potential dangers associated with explosive leakages. Safety first!

29 days ago

Min. issues an alert on mine explosive leaks. – From producers to end users, FG is currently keeping an eye on the explosives supply chain. The introduction of mine explosives ought to be carefully controlled. Regardless, it shouldn’t be sold. In charge of keeping an eye on it should be the government.

29 days ago

Ensuring that explosives are not leaking is a critical responsibility of the government. Priorities should always be set with the community’s safety in mind. We can guarantee everyone’s safety from any potential risks related to explosive materials by implementing these preventative measures.A major step toward assisting is Nigeria’s ban on the use of dynamite.