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NITDA, Tech4Dev to empower Nigerians

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Nigeria aimed to attain 70% digital literacy by 2027, empowering citizens.

To accomplish the goal of attaining 70% digital literacy by 2027, as set by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), and in support of the current administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda to enhance the economy and empower Nigerian citizens through technology, NITDA’s Director-General, Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, CCIE, has expressed appreciation for the innovative DigitalForAllChallenge 2.0 initiated by Tech4Dev. Moreover, NITDA has revealed its intentions to utilise this platform to establish ‘Tech Clubs’ throughout the nation. During the inauguration of the skilling competition initiative, Inuwa emphasised this fact during his Keynote Address.

Inuwa emphasised that their shared objective is evident as they embark on this initiative to contribute to the accomplishment of the country’s digital literacy rate. The DigitalForAll Initiative is an innovative program primed to mould the destiny of the country, with the added intention of utilising the Digital Nigeria platform for the ultimate contest of this endeavour, stated Inuwa. The Agency’s DG took advantage of the chance to provide a detailed explanation of the eight Pillars within the revised Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (SRAP 2.0).

Nigerians will be equipped with the skills to thrive in the digital space.

The strategic challenges that NITDA faces require the implementation of essential pillars. These pillars encompass various aspects such as fostering digital literacy and nurturing talents, establishing a strong foundation for technology research, ensuring effective policy implementation and legal frameworks, enabling inclusive access to digital infrastructure and services, enhancing cybersecurity and building digital trust, fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem, forging strategic partnerships and collaborations, and cultivating a vibrant organisational culture and an agile workforce. These pillars are crucial in fulfilling NITDA’s mission and values.

He stated that the document is set to be revealed during the first quarter of 2024. He characterised the competition as a meticulously planned initiative and a dedicated effort to equip each Nigerian with the necessary skills and expertise to thrive in the digital realm. As they commence this endeavour, it is essential to recognise that digital literacy extends beyond merely providing individuals with skills; it encompasses empowering them to unlock their utmost capabilities. This program aims to achieve numerous goals: promoting growth, nurturing innovation, and ensuring that nobody gets left behind in the swiftly changing digital landscape.

Public-private partnerships and others are essential to its success.

The Director-General stressed that the success of the DigitalForAll Initiative relies on Inclusive Digital Literacy, Accessible Learning Platforms, Public-Private Partnerships, Measurable Impact, and Awards. Effective collaboration among government agencies, educational institutions, industry leaders, and communities is essential to achieve these objectives. Working together can generate a far-reaching transformation that removes obstacles and prioritises digital literacy in our nation’s progress. Expressing appreciation to everyone involved in the realisation of the DigitalForAll Initiative, Inuwa appeals to all participants to embark on the adventure with passion, resilience, and a unified perspective of achieving a digitally inclusive Nigeria. A future where digital empowerment knows no limits and every Nigerian is prepared to prosper in the digital era will be created.

During the overview of the DigitalForAllChallenge, Joel Ogunsola, the Founder of Tech4Dev, warmly greeted the attendees and provided a comprehensive summary of the event. One crucial point he emphasised was the huge amount of One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira that would be awarded as prizes across various categories. Through their profound belief in equal opportunities, Tech4Dev aims to ensure that every Nigerian has access to digital literacy and essential skills for the upcoming job market. Mr. Ogunsola emphasised that NITDA is putting forth great efforts to ensure the long-term sustainability of this initiative.

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According to Ogunsola, there are three levels of challenges – state, regional, and grand finale at the Digital Nigeria International Conference and Exhibition Day organised by NITDA. The challenge comprises two phases – training and competition. Once the first phase is completed, participants must undergo an assessment to proceed to the second phase. This initiative will promote digital skills and support economic growth in Nigeria. Encouraging advancement in digital capabilities and fostering economic development within Nigeria is the core mission of the collaboration between Tech4Dev and strategic partners NITDA and Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

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Ask Nigeria
30 days ago

NITDA, Tech4Dev to empower Nigerians. – Nigeria aimed to attain 70% digital literacy by 2027, empowering citizens.Express your point of view.

30 days ago

Great to see NITDA and Tech4Dev partnering to boost digital literacy in Nigeria! This initiative will open up opportunities for everyone in the digital era, promoting growth and innovation. Looking forward to a digitally inclusive Nigeria! 🇳🇬

Adeoye Adegoke
29 days ago

It’s really exciting to hear that NITDA and Tech4Dev are working towards empowering Nigerians and promoting digital literacy. In today’s digital age, having the skills and knowledge to navigate technology is crucial for personal growth and economic opportunities. By aiming for a 70% digital literacy rate by 2027, Nigeria is taking a proactive approach to empower its citizens and bridge the digital divide. This initiative will not only enhance access to information and resources but also open doors to new educational and employment prospects. Let’s cheer for a more digitally empowered Nigeria! 🎉

29 days ago

To empower Nigerians, NITDA and Tech4Dev Nigeria wants its citizens to be empowered by achieving 70% digital literacy by 2027. The partnership between NITDA and Tech4Dev to provide technological empowerment to Nigerians makes me delighted. That proves that, even in this age of artificial intelligence, we are developing.

29 days ago

The news that Tech4Dev and NITDA are collaborating to empower Nigerians is really encouraging. It’s a really ambitious and motivating aim to reach 70% digital literacy by 2027. Nigerians can prosper in the digital era and help our country progress if we give them the chance to improve their digital literacy.