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Microsoft’s new African Development Center

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By Dawn

With an investment around $100m, it will create 27,000 jobs in Nigeria.

Microsoft has opened a new African Development Center in Lagos, Nigeria. The center, which is estimated to be a $100 million Investment, will serve as a premier center of engineering for Microsoft, where world-class African talent can create solutions for local and global impact.

This announcement follows the launch of a new hub in Nigeria and Kenya, to recruit exceptional engineering talent and give them the opportunity to work on the latest technologies. With the aim of enabling engineers to work from home while being plugged into a global engineering and development organization. This is great news for Africa, and it is also a sign that Microsoft is committed to the continent’s development.

Accelerates the digital transformation in Africa.

The Nigerian government has partnered with Brad Smith (Microsoft President) to provide 27,000 jobs for tech-savvy youths in the country. This center will help reduce the number of unemployed youths in Nigeria, and will keep them busy and engaged. Nigerian startups are doing well on the continent, and this partnership with Microsoft only confirms that. It is predicted that other tech companies will see the success of Nigerian startups and invest in the tech sector there.

These new Microsoft Innovation Centers in Nigeria indicates a clear sign that multinational Technology corporations are keenly observing the African continent for investment opportunities – and Nigeria is leading the pack in terms of tech innovation and development. This center will help to accelerate the digital transformation in Africa and bring cutting edge digital solutions to the region.

Graduates will have access to a new career center.

Nigeria is seeing an increase in Investors, which is in turn helping to boost the Economy. Nigeria has a very large young population, which is known for its innovation and creativity. This creativity is evident in the number of unicorns (companies worth over $1 billion) that are Nigerian-based.

Our University of Nigeria has announced that graduates will have access to a new career center focused on Data Science and other cutting-edge technologies. This will give them the tools they need to find relevant and meaningful work in these fields.

Emerging technologies to solve national problems.

The center has also adopted programs that will utilize emerging technologies to solve national problems in Agriculture, Energy, Education, etc. They already have a mapped-out plan that will help to solve some technological problems in the country.


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