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KOICA’s supports smart education in Nigeria

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Future of learning for the next generation will be shaped through innovation.

During a recent event, KOICA, the Korea International Cooperation Agency, has restated its dedication to promoting and helping Smart Education in Nigeria. At a workshop in Abuja, jointly organised with the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), Mr. Son Sungil, the Country Director of KOICA, made a firm dedication and commitment. The two-day gathering with the theme `Institutionalisation of Smart Education in Nigeria’ aimed to advance the cause of smart education and was centred around finding a permanent fixture in Nigeria’s educational institutions.

The agency’s statement emphasises the extreme importance of shaping Nigeria’s future of learning and empowering the minds of the next generation through innovative, creative and sustainable smart education. Not only are they a group of passionate individuals committed and dedicated to basic education, but they also constitute a collective force wholeheartedly committed to shaping and rebranding the future of learning and empowering the minds of the next generation in Nigeria through innovative and sustainable smart education.

Students and teachers will enjoy the benefits of the project.

According to the statement, they affirmed that their primary goal in this workshop was to join forces and work towards establishing an all-encompassing and long-lasting intelligent education system in Nigerian public schools. This objective, he emphasised, can be achieved through strong cooperation with UBEC, as well as other essential groups like the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). The South Korean government has been extremely fortunate to offer its unwavering support to the Smart Schools Programme, as articulated by Bala Zakari, UBEC’s Deputy Executive Secretary.

South Korea’s commitment to aiding in establishing and functioning schools is unwavering. Years ago, they launched their smart schools programme, which has proven to be remarkably fruitful. KOICA, with the support of UBEC and its project managers, has made significant progress in implementing the initiative. As a result, both students and teachers in these schools are already enjoying substantial benefits from this project. Zakari highlighted the fact that apart from the six smart schools supported by KOICA, seven additional smart schools have begun their operations, while the remaining 24 are anticipated to initiate functioning before September 2024.

$10.4 Million grant was allocated for smart schools in Nigeria.

UBEC’s strategic initiative aims to revolutionise education by implementing smart schools across every state in the federation, alongside the Federal Capital Territory. To further support this cause, KOICA has generously allocated a substantial grant of $10.4 million to benefit six of these schools. Additionally, KOICA is actively engaged in strengthening the knowledge and skills of teachers, educators, and policymakers on a global and local scale. Smart education involves maximising the potential of information and communication technologies to achieve desired learning outcomes through an appropriate informational methodology.

Also, the aim of smarter education is to establish intelligent and supportive environments through the utilisation of advanced technologies. This will enable the implementation of innovative teaching methods, offering convenient and personalised learning services. It is essential to empower learners to develop their talents and acquire wisdom, enabling them to possess valuable moral values, higher thinking capabilities, and stronger ethical conduct. These improvements will pave the way for a more prosperous and intellectually advanced society in Nigeria.

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In a related report, Mr. Son Sungil, the Country Director of KOICA, emphasised the crucial significance of teachers in both students’ lives and the triumph of the smart school initiative. He mentioned that this teacher training session stands as the third session in the sequence of the training organised by KOICA in support of the Smart School Project. In December 2022, a group of twenty principals and twenty education stakeholders from Smart Schools underwent training in Korea. The visit, led by Dr. Hamid Bobboyi, the Executive Secretary of UBEC, included the SUBEB chairman and aimed to explore Smart Education practices.

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1 month ago

KOICA’s supports smart education in Nigeria.Future of learning for the next generation will be shaped through innovation.Express your point of view.

1 month ago

This initiative by KOICA to support Smart Education in Nigeria is a great step forward for our education system. The collaboration with UBEC and the commitment to establishing intelligent education systems in public schools show promise for the future. The investment in teacher training and the substantial grant for smart schools highlight a positive direction for education in Nigeria. It’s encouraging to see efforts aimed at creating a more advanced and prosperous society through innovative learning methods. Kudos to KOICA for their valuable contribution! 🇳🇬📚 #EducationTransformationNaija

1 month ago

KOICA is in favor of smart education in Nigeria. Innovation will influence the way that the next generation learns in the future.In Nigeria, KOICA has done a good job of promoting smart education. We are aware of the significance of education. We must therefore make greater investments in it.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

I couldn’t agree more with the idea that the future of learning for the next generation will be shaped through innovation. The support provided by KOICA in promoting smart education in Nigeria is a testament to the recognition of the transformative power of technology in education.
Innovation in education opens up a world of possibilities. It allows for personalized and adaptive learning experiences that cater to individual needs and preferences. With the integration of technology, students can access a wealth of information, collaborate with peers from around the world, and engage in interactive and immersive learning activities.
By embracing smart education, Nigeria can empower its young generation to become active participants in the global knowledge economy. It can bridge the educational divide, ensuring that students from all backgrounds have equal access to quality education and resources. This, in turn, can contribute to socio-economic development, as well-educated individuals are better positioned to drive positive change in their communities.
I applaud KOICA for their efforts in supporting smart education in Nigeria, and I am excited to witness the positive impact it will have on the next generation. Let’s continue to champion innovation and work towards a future where education is accessible, inclusive, and empowering for all.

1 month ago

Encouraging intelligent education in Nigeria is a big step in determining how the next generation will learn. Inventiveness is essential!I applaud KOICA for their efforts in promoting smart education in Nigeria, and I can’t wait to see the good effects it will have on the coming generation.