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Educationists call for industrialisation

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Beneficial conditions for the private sector to thrive should be provided.

Teachers and other stakeholders have persistently called upon the government, at all levels, to enhance their work of shaping future leaders by promoting industrialisation within the nation. They believe the government should strengthen the stagnant industries, reopen closed ones, and establish new ones to provide gainful employment opportunities for the many unemployed youths. Teachers believe that despite the fact that they receive deficient salaries in exchange for their hard work and dedication, they find contentment in witnessing the fulfilment of their labour, which are the graduates.

Joblessness is a provoking state for young individuals; they experience feelings of depression and frustration. Ultimately, it is the families and society as a whole that suffer from the negative consequences. Many express their grievances towards the current politicians who hold power across the nation, criticising their lack of initiative in creating job opportunities for the unemployed. Furthermore, they point out the absence of beneficial conditions required for the private sector to thrive. Contrary to the era of political leaders who established industries to generate employment opportunities during the 1970s and 1980s, the current advocates for minimal government involvement in business operations.

Youth unemployment increased despite holding academic certificates.

Politicians persistently strive to retain their positions and employ manipulation tactics to pass on power and authority to their offspring and future generations, all while the private sector steadily crumbles. To run a business successfully, one must endure immense hardship or forsake it for an alternative path. Presently, numerous Nigerians are inclined towards pursuing political careers due to the extravagant salaries, generous perks, and lucrative contracts they get. The notion of suffering needlessly is unappealing to them. Politics in Nigeria is embraced as a vocation by its participants, thereby impeding the progress of all other industries within the country.

Consequently, despite holding academic certificates, the youth population facing unemployment have popularised the notion that education is a scam. This perception has driven many youths towards engaging in criminal activities such as internet fraud, armed robbery, as well as prostitution, which has led to detrimental consequences such as the spread of diseases and premature death. Furthermore, these vices have significantly contributed to the pervasive insecurity issues plaguing the nation. In an Interview with BusinessDay, Nancy Oluajo, an educationist and the owner of Firm Foundation Schools in Asaba, Delta State, expressed concern about the path the nation is currently treading. Despite her concerns, she maintained an optimistic outlook, genuinely believing that the country would unquestionably witness a positive transformation.

Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Also, during the old days, particular sets of fashion trends that gained popularity were gradually fading away and being replaced by new, distinct styles. This process of continual transformation also echoes within the economy. Before, it was the businesspeople who held dominion. The civil service remained unappealing until an administration arrived and established a minimum wage, transforming civil servants into objects of envy. Oluajo expressed her belief that a brighter day would surely arrive. According to her, in the past, students primarily focused on obtaining educational certificates, whereas now, not only do they prioritise skills and crafts, but they also invest their time in developing these passions while still in school.

To ensure their students receive well-rounded guidance, their school introduced Career Day. This special event classifies students into various career categories, such as Catering and Confectioneries, Tailoring and Fashion Designing, and professions like medicine, engineering, teaching, banking, and more. Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents. Their aim is to prevent them from solely chasing certificates and instead encourage them to explore their passions and interests. The high unemployment rate among young people can be attributed to their misguided belief that a job awaits them right after graduation. However, if they were to prioritise skill development and vocational training, they could proactively engage in meaningful activities and successfully fulfil their financial requirements.

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Lastly, she urged the federal and state authorities to support the teachers’ endeavours in the nation. Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, and the government should contribute by helping the stagnant industries nationwide. It is essential to restore these closed-down companies, providing opportunities for the upcoming generation to secure employment and contribute to society. Also, the government needs to extend a helping hand to those involved in the economy’s private sector, enabling them to reach a level where they can effectively collaborate with graduates. She disapproved of a scenario where private sector individuals face financial difficulties without any support. Instead of burdening them with heavy loan conditions, she also suggested that the government offer assistance more effectively. For their businesses to prosper, it is crucial to establish a facilitating atmosphere.

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1 month ago

Educationists call for industrialisation.Beneficial conditions for the private sector to thrive should be provided. – Express your point of view.

Last edited 1 month ago by AN-Toni
1 month ago

Industrialization is demanded by educationists. It is necessary to create favorable conditions for the private sector to prosper. increase their efforts to develop the next generation of leaders by encouraging national industrialization. They think that the government need to support the businesses that are slow down.

1 month ago

Establishing an atmosphere that allows the private sector to thrive is crucial. Growth and opportunities are two things that industrialization may offer to everyone.This needs to change because politicians constantly work to hold onto their positions and use deceit to transfer power and control to their children and future generations while the private sector is gradually collapsing. 

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

Absolutely! Educationists are right on point. Creating beneficial conditions for the private sector to thrive is crucial for industrialization. It can lead to job creation, economic growth, and technological advancements. By fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, we can attract investments and promote sustainable development. Education plays a vital role in equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to drive industrialization forward. Let’s support these efforts and work towards a more prosperous future! 🚀🌱

1 month ago

The call for industrialization and support for education resonates deeply with the challenges our nation faces. It’s crucial for the government to prioritize job creation, revive industries, and encourage skill development to empower the youth. A collaborative effort between educators, policymakers, and the private sector is essential for a brighter future. 🇳🇬✨ #Nigeria #EconomicEmpowerment