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Illegal Mining Spikes Ibadan Explosion

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Internal security and unlawful mining need immediate attention - UK Afenifere.

Following the explosion that took place on January 16, 2024, in the Bodija region of Ibadan, Oyo State, that resulted in the loss of at least five lives and left nearly 80 individuals wounded where numerous properties valued at billions of naira were obliterated, the UK Afenifere has called on the authorities in Southwest Nigeria to urgently implement measures to enhance internal security and combat the actions of unlawful miners aimed at safeguarding the lives and belongings of citizens.

In an official statement on January 21, 2024, the UK Afenifere urged the government to adopt contemporary technologies in order to tackle national security challenges, particularly those related to internal security. Emphasising the pressing need, the group, represented by its Secretary, Engr. Anthony Ajayi pointed out that illegal mining sites in Nigeria have become hazardous areas, posing significant risks to the lives and possessions of citizens. Consequently, the group advocates for decisive measures to curb this menace.

Distressing security predicaments persist in the country.

Regularly, it is inevitable to come across reports highlighting the tragic loss of life and property due to the prevailing insecurities in Nigeria. Despite the tireless endeavours made to combat and alleviate internal security threats and obstacles, it is disheartening to acknowledge that the nation still grapples with these distressing security predicaments. Nigeria’s Illegal activities are becoming a major obstacle to achieving peace, security, and national progress. This issue is prevalent across the entire nation, hindering earnest endeavours to maintain harmony and promote development.

The leaders in the region were urged to make vigilance and protection their topmost concern, with a primary focus on curbing illegal mining activities and ensuring the lawful exploration of natural resources for the region’s development. It added that prioritising the peace and progress of the region is crucial. To achieve this, it called upon Yoruba professionals and experts proficient in uncovering natural resources to collaborate with the different states. Together, they can work towards establishing lawful procedures for mining natural resources in the area.

National security structure needs to undergo significant changes.

To attain security and sustainable national development in the region and Nigeria at large, it is unquestionable that the current national security structure needs to undergo significant changes, particularly in terms of policing the entire federation. Presently, Nigeria stands alone as a large country with a federal system of government but continues to employ a unitary police system. The government was encouraged to focus on precision and promptness in gathering intelligence to identify potential risks and target them with concentrated security measures.

They emphasised the necessity of maintaining comprehensive documentation of harmful substances entering Nigeria through its borders. It stressed the importance of holding customs, air force, navy, and immigration personnel responsible for their duties and any violations that occur. The group further urged the Bola Tinubu administration to prioritise addressing the security concerns in the South West region and across Nigeria. The democratic transition of power presents a priceless chance to ponder and reevaluate the nation’s policies and priorities.

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Moreover, the concept of democracy goes beyond the periodicity of elections, as it entails allowing Nigerian citizens to contribute ideas to those in authority on ways to ensure national security. The crucial factor here is for citizens to express their views, which will ultimately enhance their safety and aid in accomplishing the promised reforms within the security sector. Engaging community leaders, civil society organisations, and other stakeholders to comprehend each excessively exposed region’s distinctive dynamic and difficulties is of utmost importance. This cooperation will cultivate reliance, promote knowledge exchange, and fortify the connections between communities and security personnel.

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1 month ago

Illegal Mining Spikes Ibadan Explosion.Internal security and unlawful mining need immediate attention – UK Afenifere.Express your point of view.

1 month ago

The Ibadan explosion is a stark reminder of the urgent need for better internal security and action against illegal mining, echoing UK Afenifere’s call. We must embrace advanced technologies and collaborative efforts to safeguard lives and resources. The nation grapples with persistent security challenges, hindering peace and development. Leaders must prioritize vigilance, curb illegal mining, and engage experts for lawful resource exploration. Overhauling the national security structure, improving border control, and ensuring accountability are paramount. The democratic transition is a crucial moment for meaningful policy changes to address security concerns across Nigeria.

1 month ago

Ibadan Explosion Is Powered by Illegal Mining. UK: Urgent attention is needed for internal security and illicit mining. Effenifere It is imperative that the lawbreakers responsible for initiating this illicit mining be apprehended promptly. They are the source of Ibadan’s unease.

1 month ago

When illicit mining activities endanger internal security and cause explosions, there is clearly cause for concern. In order to guarantee community safety, it is imperative that authorities handle this matter and move quickly.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

It’s a critical issue that requires immediate attention from both the government and relevant stakeholders. Illegal mining not only threatens internal security but also poses significant environmental and economic risks.
First and foremost, addressing internal security concerns is crucial. The presence of unauthorized mining activities can attract criminal elements and create a breeding ground for illegal activities. This can lead to increased violence, conflicts, and other security challenges. By cracking down on illegal mining operations, law enforcement agencies can help maintain peace and stability in affected areas.
Moreover, unlawful mining has far-reaching environmental implications. Without proper regulations and oversight, illegal miners often engage in destructive practices that harm ecosystems and pollute water sources. This can have devastating consequences for local communities, wildlife, and the overall ecosystem. It’s essential to implement strict regulations, enforce environmental standards, and promote sustainable mining practices to mitigate these risks.
Additionally, addressing the issue of illegal mining is crucial for economic development. When mining activities are carried out within the legal framework, they can contribute to job creation, revenue generation, and economic growth. However, illegal mining undermines these benefits by evading taxes, exploiting resources without proper compensation, and operating outside the established regulations. By curbing illegal mining, the government can ensure that the mining sector operates in a transparent and sustainable manner, benefiting both the economy and local communities.