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Human activities increase Earth’s temperature

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By Mercy Kelani

Environmentally friendly habits are critical to controlling climate change.

Data gotten from National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, has revealed that the hotness of the world increased at the rate of 0.2° C per decade since 1980. Predictions by climate scientists have it that the global temperature would sum up to 2° C if the increase rate persists in the next century. Various human activities such as burning of fuel, coal and other natural gases have highly contributed to the rising temperature.

Effects of this rising temperature includes constant heat, drought, flooding and disappearance of grasslands, and others. To reduce these Climate Change effects, implementing actions that ensure the protection of the environment and conservation of resources is essential. As a means of raising awareness of the current state of the planet, International Mother Earth Day, celebrated by the United Nations on April 22, was themed “Invest In Our Planet”. There are diverse ways to stop further dangers from happening to the environment; they include adoption of environmentally friendly habits.

Sustainable agriculture and waste reduction is advised.

Reduction of waste is one habit that can prevent harm to the environment. Waste produces harmful substances to the human environment, and therefore is a contributor to climate change. To lessen generation and production of waste, a Meteorologist and Climate Scientist, Henry Olayiwola requested a change to environmentally friendly materials like electric vehicles, LED lights, energy-efficient and saving devices, natural light and ventilation, water-saving devices. He also emphasized the need for recyclable materials, paper packages, plates, and straws.

Encouragement of climate smart Agriculture is also essential. Sustainable agriculture, through planting of trees, growing gardens, usage of Greenhouse or glasshouses for planting produces that may not sprout in a specific region is needed. According to the climate scientist, gardens and greens should be planted to replace concrete balconies on story buildings. This act will aid reduction of rays from the sun through absorption, thereby lessening the heat in that environment. Through sustainable agriculture, locally-grown produce and Organic Farming are encouraged.

Appliances should meet energy efficiency standards.

Olayiwola added that reduction of energy consumption is always necessary. The Communications Officer of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria, Godwin Jimoh, asserted that saving on costs means searching for appliances that have energy-saving labels – an indication that they possess strict efficiency standards. Olayiwola also suggested that lights should be turned off during the day for natural light and when leaving the house. Also, it is possible to transit to alternative power-saving energy generation means.

Practicing sustainable means of transportation was also advised. These sustainable means of transportation include walking, usage of electric vehicle, riding a bicycle or usage of public transport. Walking ensures exercising of the body and mind while inhaling natural air and absorbing natural light. Riding a bicycle also helps to exercise the body while reducing carbon footprint and emission from the environment. Usage of public transportation keeps more cars off the road, leading to reduced Emissions in the environment.

Avoidance of devices that emit harmful gases is necessary.

Additionally, reducing water usage is significant to protecting the environment. Controlling water usage means reduction of the amount of wastewater that causes Pollution to the environment. This act also aids conservation of energy. Usage of water-efficient devices and installation of low flow water taps will help in Recycling waters and prevent the need to drill more water Boreholes. Other environmentally friendly habits include transition to renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydropower; avoidance of devices that emit harmful gases; and reduction of Plastic Pollution.


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