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FG to shut down schools over repeated attacks

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By Timothy Akintola

FG orders the abrupt shut down of schools in Abuja due to attacks.

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja have witnessed repeated attacks by terrorists recently. In over two weeks, terrorists have launched an ambush on the presidential guards, as well as attacking Kuje Correctional Center, where over 200 prisoners were released. The latest attack saw terrorists engage the Nigerian troops in a shootout in Abuja’s border town. Reports indicates that these gunmen attacked the Zuma Rock checkpoint, where sporadic shootings were witnessed and two officers and six soldiers were killed.

Reports further indicate that these terrorists have announced an impending attack on the Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus, demanding Ransom on a Director-General, 15 lecturers and over 500 students. This level of Insecurity that has ravaged the federal capital continues to overwhelm the residents and the Security troops equally. In fact, the part of the Nigerian Senate have called for the impeachment of President Buhari, due to his tenure’s complacency at salvaging these numerous cases of insecurity.

Growing insecurity has led the FG to direct closure of schools in Abuja.

However, the growing cases of insecurity in Abuja have led the Federal Ministry of Education to direct an immediate closure of schools. Intelligence reports suggests that the bandits are planning further attacks on many states, concentrated especially in the Federal Capital Territory. There is an increasing fear for impending attacks by the bandits, further aggravated by the reports of impending attack on the Law school domiciled in Abuja. Thus, the growing insecurity and threat to lives and properties have shaped the Federal Government‘s decision to shut down all schools around the terrain.

It is not news that most schools in the northern part of the country have been intensely subjected to constant kidnappings and killings over the last 7 years. Hundreds of students have been abducted over these years, with some recorded dead and others, held for ransom. Though President Buhari has held a meeting with the security chiefs, it seem to have been shown in efficacy, as attacks are still being reported. Again, an unofficial source on Social Media indicated sporadic shooting in Federal Government College, Kwali, Abuja which prompted many parents to keep their children at home and ascertain their safety.

Residents have found this unprecedented security decline difficult to cope.

Though most private schools had not completed their examination practices, they have had to succumb to the abrupt directive to shut down the schools. One of the officials of the Private Schools Association in Abuja however asserted that the order to shut down schools immediately was from the local authorities in the Federal Capital Territory. He further noted that there were plans for the private schools to hold a one-day prize giving ceremony, given that adequate security measures were arranged.

In a city with numerous civil servants who prioritize private education for their children, the parents have found this situation very difficult to cope with. The residents have been feeling unsafe since the attack on Kuje Prison, followed by other attacks over the last few weeks. Though Security Agencies have improved their presence in strategic positions to defend the territory against further attacks, the residents have not overlooked the unprecedented security decline that has put the country under repeated threats.

Six-week ultimatum to salvage this problem or face impeachment.

However, reports suggests that this fear is also shared among numerous politicians. A member of the parliament reportedly advised his colleagues who were absent from the city against coming back, for fear of their safety, noting that President Buhari’s regime has immensely failed the country by their complacency over the rapid cases of insecurity that has ravaged the country. The senators of the opposition parties are also demanding that the federal government salvage this heart-rendering situation, have given the president a six-week ultimatum to find a solution to the growing security problems or face imminent impeachment.


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