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FG inaugurates NOUN Surulere campus

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By Abraham Adekunle

Education minister says this is to make education more accessible.

In a significant stride towards President Bola Tinubu’s eight-point agenda, the Minister of State for Education, Dr. Yusuf Sununu, reiterated the commitment of the Federal Ministry of Education to make education more accessible to Nigerians. The occasion was the inauguration of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Surulere campus, located in Ojuelegba, Lagos. Dr. Sununu, during the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, emphasized the pivotal role of the new campus in enhancing educational accessibility across the nation.

Minister Sununu highlighted the Surulere campus as a beacon for education, poised to foster easy access to academic pursuits, particularly for those aspiring to pursue their studies within their neighborhoods. The minister expressed confidence that the newly established center, aligned with President Tinubu’s eight-point agenda, would play a crucial role in realizing the vision of widespread educational accessibility. “We want to assure that we are in full compliance with President Tinubu’s eight-point agenda,” stated the minister, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring that the certificates awarded by the institution are not only reputable but also contribute to national pride.

Vision for education: Speaker Abbas on the NOUN impact.

Echoing the sentiments of accessibility and adaptability, Tajudeen Abbas, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, applauded the NOUN Surulere campus for its unique approach to education. Abbas underscored the significance of flexibility and open access, especially in the face of a rapidly changing world. He emphasized that the programs offered at the university would equip both youth and adult learners with the essential knowledge and skills required to thrive in today’s competitive environment. “The newly constructed campus in Surulere is a sign of hope and opportunity; it promises to be a hub of learning and Innovation, contributing significantly to the local Economy, creating jobs, and fostering community development,” Abbas asserted.

He further highlighted the role of the campus in making Higher Education more accessible, breaking down barriers for those who may have faced obstacles in pursuing their academic aspirations. Meanwhile, Femi Gbajabiamila, the Chief of Staff to the President, shed light on the essence of constructing the Surulere campus. According to Gbajabiamila, the primary goal was to bring quality Tertiary Education to the doorsteps of people at the grassroots, eliminating the constraints of distance and limited access to education. He emphasized the campus’s role in ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their background, has the opportunity to pursue ambitious dreams and aspirations.

Chief of Staff Gbajabiamila’s vision on education access.

“This campus is part of a sustained effort to guarantee education access at all levels and for all the people of Surulere and, indeed, the people of Lagos State,” remarked Gbajabiamila. He stressed that the center of excellence, Lagos State, should strive for excellence in all aspects, with a particular focus on providing the younger generation with the training and capacity to sustain and elevate that excellence. Gbajabiamila underscored two key objectives at the heart of President Tinubu’s administration’s Renewed Hope agenda: ensuring access to world-class education and quality healthcare for all citizens. According to him, achieving these objectives would position the nation as unbeatable in every sphere.

The Chief of Staff emphasized that NOUN Surulere would offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses accredited by the National Universities Commission. This commitment to accreditation ensures that the institution maintains high academic standards and provides students with a robust educational experience. As the campus becomes operational, it is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the educational landscape of the region, contributing to local Economic Growth, job creation, and community development. The emphasis on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses reflects a holistic approach to education, catering to diverse needs and aspirations of students.

A transformative step towards education accessibility.

Of course, the inauguration of the NOUN Surulere campus stands as a transformative step towards realizing President Tinubu’s vision for enhanced education accessibility in Nigeria. The collaborative efforts of the government, university management, and stakeholders underscore the commitment to providing quality education to a broader segment of the population. The Surulere campus, with its focus on flexibility, open access, and accredited programs, not only aligns with the evolving demands of the Global Economy but also reflects a commitment to inclusivity, breaking down barriers for various demographics, including working professionals, entrepreneurs, and lifelong learners. As the institution takes its place in the heart of Lagos, it holds the promise of becoming a hub of learning, innovation, and Economic Development, contributing significantly to the nation’s educational landscape.


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