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Syringe company exits Nigeria marketplace

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Multinational companies keep exiting due to challenging business environments.

The departure of Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing, known as the biggest syringe manufacturer in Africa, from Awa in the Onna Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom, has been attributed to the unfavourable business climate by the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria. This ongoing trend of multinational companies exiting can be attributed to the challenging business environment. Former Vice President Yemi Osinbajo spearheaded the establishment of the company in 2017. Its recent departure from Nigeria was attributed to the significant impact of the challenge.

However, Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Limited, a company brought to Akwa Ibom State through the efforts of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration, has recently declared its closure. Onur Kumral, a Turkish national and the owner of the company, directed a memorandum to the employees, informing them about the company’s exit. Although production had already halted a few months back, the official announcement regarding the termination of operations was made on December 31, 2022. A memo bearing the signature of Akin Oyediran, the company’s Managing Director, was distributed under the heading Temporary Redundancy – Service Not Needed Till Further Notice.’’

Business landscape compelled them to undertake burdensome actions.

On the other hand, the company expressed the need to adopt immediate actions aimed at securing the future viability of the organisation. The memorandum stated that they hope the message reaches them in excellent health. Nevertheless they inform them of a difficult resolution that the company has been compelled to undertake as a result of unanticipated events impacting their operational activities. They have given much thought to the matter and deeply assessed their present business circumstances. It further stated that It is with great regret that they notify of their necessity to enforce temporary actions that will safeguard the company’s viability in the long run.

Additionally, as of January 1, 2024, they are required to implement temporary redundancy measures across all roles. It is important to note that this verdict does not stem from any shortcomings in their personal performance or commitment to the organisation. Rather, the strenuous circumstances of their current business landscape have compelled them to undertake these burdensome actions. They Kindly ensure the return of any company possessions currently under their care. However, they sincerely appreciate the comprehension and cooperation throughout the arduous period.

Significant growth in operations was experienced due to breaking point.

Furthermore, the memo reads that two years had passed since the initial revelation of the company’s intention to export its products to Germany when they made the unexpected choice to shut down their factory. Surprisingly, this decision came just under a year after the Managing Director, Oyediran, had proudly announced their achievement of securing a substantial credit facility worth $1 million. In a conversation, Segun Ajayi-Kadir, the Director-General of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, expressed that companies departing Nigeria had reached a state of extreme fragility, facing challenges.

Nevertheless, the company has become yet another addition to the ever-expanding roster of international companies departing Nigeria. Their departure stemmed from a clear and undeniable reason: the lack of resilience in the face of a challenging employment landscape. When a breaking point is reached, surrendering becomes unavoidable and experiences significant growth in its business operations. This expansion occurred during the month of December. P&G, known for its expertise in the manufacturing sector, saw a remarkable surge in its business activities during the period.

Top-notch materials are produced for stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Lastly, Mr. Akin Oyediran, the managing director, elaborated in a comparable report that the syringes undergo production using top-notch materials known for their utmost reliability and safety. He also explained their commitment rests upon achieving the utmost satisfaction for all stakeholders involved. In Nigeria and Africa, their products reign supreme in the current marketplace. Not only do they excel, but they also take immense pride in the exceptional quality of their offerings. It is this very reason that propels them to hold the prestigious position of market leader.

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1 month ago

Syringe company exits Nigeria marketplace.Multinational companies keep exiting due to challenging business environments. – Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

It’s unfortunate to hear that the syringe company has exited the Nigerian marketplace. The trend of multinational companies exiting due to challenging business environments is a concern. It highlights the need for the government to create a more favorable and supportive business environment that encourages investment and growth. By addressing the challenges faced by businesses, such as inconsistent policies, infrastructure limitations, and bureaucratic hurdles, Nigeria can attract and retain multinational companies, fostering economic development and job creation. It’s essential for the government to work towards creating a business-friendly climate that encourages both local and international companies to invest and thrive in Nigeria.

1 month ago

The Nigerian market is abandoned by the Syringe firm. The difficult business environments are the reason multinational corporations are always leaving.It’s sad that this syringe manufacturer must leave the nation. It demonstrates why doing business the country is not favorable. For businesses to prosper in this nation, we truly need to get things right.

1 month ago

Companies that choose to leave the market because of difficult business conditions always leave us disappointed. It can affect the availability of particular items and job possibilities. A dynamic and resilient business community exists in Nigeria that is capable of adapting and prospering.

1 month ago

The closure of Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing in Akwa Ibom is disheartening news. It reflects the ongoing challenge of a tough business environment in Nigeria, leading even established companies to exit. This departure signals a need for urgent measures to create a more favorable climate for businesses, ensuring sustainability and retaining investments. It’s a call for strategic actions to address the underlying issues impacting the nation’s economic landscape.