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Ericsson partners with MTN to launch 5G

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By Mercy Kelani

5G services will empower customers with innovative 5G applications.

Recently, Ericsson and MTN Nigeria have attained an historic milestone having successfully launched 5G services. The attainment of this milestone is birthed by the successful 21 years of collaboration between the two parties with solid reaffirmations of a rich Culture partnerships. The first segment of the 5G services launch cuts across certain places in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole, where Ericsson’s 5G Technology (5G Radio Access Network, and NSA Packet Core) will enable the acceleration of the development and digitization of vital sections ranging from Education, healthcare, and Manufacturing.

The 5G launch will also aid the Empowerment of consumers and enterprises with innovative 5G applications that will unloose the actual potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Cities and Immersive Communication over Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for the availability of millions of new consumers in Nigeria. Ericsson Radio System will also help MTN to enhance the provision of advanced mobile Broadband and fixed wireless access services which will make many new opportunities in the enterprise domain.

Ericsson develops, delivers, and manages telecom networks.

Ericsson is a renowned provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, enabling the exact value of connectivity through the creation of game-changing technology and services that are easy for usage, adoption and scale, and ensuring the success of customers in a world of full connectivity. It is likewise mostly concerned with developing, delivering and managing Telecommunication networks through provision of hardware, software, and services for the enablement of full value of connectivity.

Ericsson also specializes in providing leading solutions for Care Network and Automation, Managed Services, Services Orchestration and Telecom BSS. The ICT provider is into the acceleration of new and sustainable businesses that exceed Ericsson’s traditional core business. The network provider is active in 180 countries, supplying managed services, network rollout, learning services, broadcast services, systems integration, design and optimization, consulting and support. Its networks portfolio comprises microwave transport, Internet protocol (IP) networks, fixed-access services for copper and fibre, among others.

5G services have more benefits to offer asides speed.

The new 5G services has also been said to be likely to foster different Sustainable Development initiatives for energy, Security, Agriculture, financial inclusion and many more, with solid aims of prevailing over past institutional challenges and obstacles to growth. According to the Chief Technical Officer of MTN Nigeria, Mohammed Rufai, with 5G, there will be a revolutionized way of living and communication with and across industries. The 5G speed will also aid a low latency internet experience which clears all lags and makes virtual communications feel more real.

While MTN pledges to keep up with pursuing the roll out of 5G technology for the revolution of Internet Access across the African continent, Hossam Kandeel, Vice President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa stated that 5G is beyond just speed. “5G helps people do more with their devices, unlocking a whole new world of possibilities for the society,” he stated. Its connectivity also has the likelihood of paving the way for life-altering advancements, bringing about a digital transformation to Nigeria.

Ericsson pledges commitment to the delivery of the best services to MTN.

Having acknowledged the fact that connectivity is the backbone of digitization, Ericsson pledges commitment to the delivery of the best services to MTN Nigeria, its partners, having their back through the 5G journey. According to a prediction of what the future holds, the Ericsson-powered 5G network with MTN Nigeria’s connectivity, will be driven by software-defined network capabilities with combined available AI techniques which will permit a higher degree of practical autonomous operation. Opportunities embedded in AI are in terms of improved performance, higher efficiency, enhanced customer experience and creation of new business models and use cases for 5G, IoT and enterprise.


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