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Economy downtime is not an excuse for crime

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Young people should stay focused despite economic challenges - Minister.

Dr. Jamila Bio Ibrahim, Nigeria’s Minister of Youth Development, has cautioned Nigerian youth not to view the economic crisis as a justification for criminal activities. The Minister emphasised that the economic recession is a worldwide occurrence and is not exclusive to Nigeria. Therefore, it should not be used as an excuse for criminal behaviour. She delivered the warning message during a Retreat and Leadership Training Course for the top officials of the Peace Corps of Nigeria in Abuja.

The Chief Youth Development Officer of the Federal Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Isaac Adeyinka Adeagbo, delivered the speech on behalf of the Minister, urging young people to stay focused despite economic challenges. He emphasised the importance of using the current economic difficulties as an opportunity for young people to enhance their social and economic responsibilities. Adeagbo expressed gratitude to the Peace Corps of Nigeria for hosting the retreat and emphasised her commitment to collaborating with youth development organisations to create a fair and equal society.

Peace Corps Establishment Bill should be approved to promote peace.

She urged all Nigerians to welcome and promote peace, stating that progress is impossible without a peaceful and secure environment. She added that to bring about positive change in Nigeria, it is essential for all Nigerians to come together and work towards President Bola Tinubu’s vision of hope, restoring the country to its rightful path. Also, during his speech at the event, Dr. Dickson Ameh Akoh, the Corps’ National Commandant, emphasised the importance of empowering young people with opportunities to help them thrive and make meaningful contributions to the nation’s advancement.

Urging President Tinubu to support the Nigeria Peace Corps Establishment Bill after the National Assembly’s approval, they stated the potential benefits for Nigerian youth. They also emphasised that establishing the Peace Corps would be a valuable gift for the country’s youth. During his speech, Umaru Bayero, the District Head of Gwarinpa, stated the urgency of passing the Nigeria Peace Corps Bill by the National Assembly and sending it to the President for approval to establish PCN as a legal entity.

Government agencies and youth organisations should collaborate.

Additionally, Nigerian youth must recognise the economic downturn as a temporary setback. With high unemployment rates and economic challenges, it is more important than ever for young individuals to channel their energy and creativity towards positive and productive endeavours. By staying focused and resilient, they can navigate the challenges and emerge stronger, contributing positively to society. All stakeholders must support and empower young people during these challenging times, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities to thrive and succeed.

A peaceful and secure environment is the foundation for Nigeria’s growth and advancement. With peace, the youth can avoid being drawn into conflict and instability, stopping their ability to excel and make a positive impact. Collaboration among government agencies, youth development organisations, and other stakeholders is important in creating a supportive ecosystem where young people thrive. By working together to provide opportunities for skill development and leadership, stakeholders can empower them to become proactive contributors to their communities, driving positive change and progress in the nation.

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Lastly, the call for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s support for the Nigeria Peace Corps Establishment Bill showed the potential benefits such an organisation can bring to Nigerian youth. The Peace Corps can effectively empower young people to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s growth and development by providing leadership and skill development opportunities. All stakeholders must work together to establish the Peace Corps as a legal entity and create a platform for youth to thrive and positively impact society.

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