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Cheap materials, cause of building collapse

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By Timothy Akintola

NATE points that these problems have immensely complicated building processes.

Over the last few months, there have been numerous cases of building collapse around the country. The frequency of these tragic occurrences, as well as its impact on the safety of many residents have caused raised concerns as to the causes of these recurrence. In February for instance, reports indicated that Lagos had experienced at least eight different building collapses under the watch of the state’s ex-commissioner for physical planning and urban development, Idris Salako. In 2021, a 21-story building which was still under Construction in Ikoyi also collapsed, killing at least 40 persons.

In response to the recurring cases of building collapse, the leadership of the Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering (NATE) have pointed the use of inferior and cheap building materials as a major catalyst for building collapse in every corner of the country. The union also identified wrong design interpretations, lack of transparency, greed, enactment of plans approved for other constructions, nature of solid and structure. These problems, as the union noted, have immensely complicated the building processes in the country, putting the lives of numerous Nigerians at risk.

The union urged the FG to end the ugly HND and BSC disparity.

The Union made this observation known through a communique issued to reporters in Jalingo, Taraba State after its 38th Annual General Meeting in the state. The association also beseeched with the Federal Government to ensure the end of ugly disparity trend between the HND and BSC that was being implemented in the Civil Service. This communique was read by the president of the association, Dominic Udoatan, noted that the withdrawal of these practices would ensure that HND holders progress beyond level 14.

Per the communique, the union further made it known that this process had begun to barricade the immense anticipation of technological breakthrough in the country. They noted that this limitation was affecting the technological innovativeness among individuals in the country. The union also pointed that the process was continually killing the morale and skill set of most the workers which could have been geared towards bringing about a needed technological transformation that the country needs.

Ecological footprint of solid waste management recommended.

Also extensively discussing about the issue of climate change, global warming as well as the reclamation of desert, the union cautioned the citizens, urging them to distance themselves from such human activities that negatively impact the Climate Change. These activities such as poor public waste management, immense drought, scarcity of water, serious fire rising to sea levels, flooding, polar ice melting, catastrophic storms, the decline of biodiversity, amongst others.

The Union was also said to have recommended the ecological footprint of solid Waste Management as an obviously good paradigm for the minimization of the unstable human activities that causes global climate change. Also, the allegation noted their displeasure at the alleged relegation of engineers by the Federal Government. The Union indicated that every successful technological country worked in line with the activities of engineers, technologists, technicians and craftsman and as such, the country must harness these skills.

Ratio of engineers in the country currently at 1/1000.

On the low ratio of engineering personal of engineers in the country, estimated within the ratio of 1/1000. This ratio, they noted, will not cause any meaningful engineering infrastructures and technological development that the country required. The association however urged the Federal Government to try and create legitimate channels for engineers in the country to encourage local Investors who had worked towards developing and inventing useful machines but in need of the necessary right of patents.


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