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Many are amazed that Nigeria still exists

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Nigeria remained unbreakable despite the existential challenges - ex UN envoy.

Martin Uhomoibhi, the former representative of Nigeria to the United Nations who served in that capacity for many years, said that many people are still astonished that Nigeria has not been divided. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Old Seminarians Association of Nigeria’s (OSAN) first annual convention, which was held in Abuja on Friday, the envoy explained that in spite of the existential threats that is now confronting the nation, it had maintained its unbreakable status.

On all fronts, economically, politically, and socially, Nigeria is at a pivotal juncture; some people even go so far as to argue that the country is suffering an existential crisis. However, in all of his interactions, he stated that he has never been afraid to point out the challenges that Nigeria is now facing. The current struggle that is taking place in Nigeria, is not a physical one but rather a spiritual one. He remarked that he also knows from his experience in the field that the conflict that the country fights are more than a physical one.

The country’s problem is beyond physical, says Uhomoibhi.

He added that the struggle is between the forces of light and of darkness. Speaking from the practical experience of someone who has held office and who may still be holding one or two positions at the time of this writing. He said that he is aware that there are repercussions to face if one is not strong on a spiritual level and if one does not cherish the privilege of being who one is that God has bestowed upon them.

Furthermore, many people are taken shocked by the fact that Nigeria, his home nation, is still in existence in the modern day. Nigeria is an enigma. The country has maintained its strength even amidst its challenges. Nobody exercises control over Nigeria. However, according to Uhomoibhi, there is an urgent need for a good leader in the country who is capable and ready to stand in the gap and address the problems facing the whole country.

It is the responsibility of Nigerians to build Nigeria.

Nigeria’s problem is Nigerians and not God. The effort will be fulfilled the day Nigerians determine and concur that these potentials locked and bound in this nation must be actualized and made a reality. America was built by Americans. Britain was built by Britons. Nigeria must be built by its people. He asked that without Mandela, would South Africa still exist? Mandela spent 27 years behind bars. That is how South Africa attained independence. Without Paul Kagame, would Rwanda exist as it does today? No. He then asked, who is our Nelson Mandela? Where are the Nigerian counterparts of our Kagames? They are present but are hidden.

Many of those that come out are crying and whining in their rooms, and some of them may even be praying. How can one hold God responsible if one made poor decisions and thus did not enable yourself to be utilized by God? He affirmed that one might pray till the end of the year, but God will eventually reply, “I have done my bit; where is your part?”. The country has a leadership issue as well as a follower issue, and the constitutional structure we have set up is inconsistent and contradictory. Unfortunately, the state of the legal system is now dismal, and this threatens the integrity of the democratic process.

People need to get their PVCs and vote for the right candidate.

Moreover, Uhomoibhi urged Nigerians to get their permanent voter cards (PVCs) and cast votes for reform-minded candidates. When elections are going on, don’t sleep in your bedroom. This, he said, would mean acknowledging personal responsibility for one’s actions. Speaking further, he said there is no bias in our system against young people. As a historian, his perspective would be informed by the past. Except for the time he spent abroad as a representative of Nigeria, he spent sixty-plus years as a citizen here. People can leave the country if they want, but it’s not true that the grass is greener elsewhere.

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