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World Mental Health Day — Human right

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By Mercy Kelani

2023 theme for the Day — Mental health is very vital to humans.

The major objective of the World Mental Health Day is to create awareness concerning mental health issues across the world and to ensure mobilization of efforts for more support. Commemoration of the day gives all stakeholders, who work on issues regarding mental health, the opportunity to speak about their work, and things that are needed to be put in place to make this form of healthcare a reality for people all over the world. The day is usually celebrated on October 10, every year.

This year’s theme for the World Mental Health Day is “Mental health is a universal human right”. Its commemoration, this year, is considered as an opportunity to aid the improvement of knowledge, creation of awareness, and fostering of actions that will promote and protect the mental stability of everyone as a universal human right. This form of health is a basic human right for all persons. Regardless of personality and place, every human being has a right to a mental well-being.

No one should ever suffer deprival of their human rights.

Having this universal human right, human beings also possess the right to receive protection from mental health risks; the right to available, acceptable, accessible, and good quality care; and the right to independence, liberty, and inclusion in the society. A good mental well-being is essential to the overall well-being and health of a human being. Despite this fact, one in eight people across the globe live with mental health conditions that can have effects on their physical health.

These conditions could also affect their well-being, their livelihoods, and their connection with others. These conditions, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) are having impacts on a rising number of young people and adolescents. No one should ever suffer deprival of their human rights or exclusion from decisions that concern their own health for having a mental health condition. Despite this, there is a wide range of violations of human rights experienced by people with these conditions, across the world.

People from all over the world will be taught about their basic rights.

There are exclusions of many people with mental health conditions from community life as they are also discriminated against. Many other people with this condition either lack access to the necessary mental health care or only have access to care that violates their universal human rights. The World Health Organization (WHO) has not ceased to collaborate with its partners to make sure that mental well-being is valued, protected, and promoted. It is also ensuring that urgent action is taken for the achievement of this goal.

WHO is keen on ensuring that everyone is able to exercise their basic human rights, with no one lacking access to necessary quality mental health care. During the World Mental Health Day 2023 campaign, people from all over the world will be taught about their basic rights to this particular well-being, and ways on how to ensure protection of the rights of others. Being healthy mentally, allows human beings to cope with and address challenges, have good connection with others, and succeed in life.

Every human has the right to live without discrimination and stigma.

Therefore, it is essential and deserves recognition and respect. Human rights are universal as they aim to ensure the promotion and protection of the right of people to dignity, community inclusion, and autonomy. Therefore, mental health should be respected as such because everyone has the right to access quality treatment, in accordance to their needs and rights, throughout their lifetimes. Globally, depression is becoming a leading cause of adolescent disability and illness. Additionally, every human has the right to live without discrimination and stigma.

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