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NPF needs scientific approach to fight crime

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By Mercy Kelani

PSC will train and equip Policemen to carry out a successful assignment.

Dr. Solomon Arase, a retired Inspector General of Police and the Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), said that the Nigerian Police Force and the Commission are encountering difficulties due to the existence of criminal activities. He stated that there are high rates of criminal activities all over the world, and the solution to these acts must be scientific — which requires that the police apply scientific approach. Ikechukwu Ani, the spokesman for the commission, in a statement of Dr. Arase, stated that oversight responsibilities have become massive with difficulties.

At the conference, he said that the challenge has required the Commission to train and equip their officers to carry out a successful assignment. During his speech, a delegation was received from the department of Chartered Institute of Forensics and Certified Fraud Investigators of Nigeria at the Corporate Headquarters of the Commission in Jabi, Abuja, and this delegation was headed and supervised by the Pioneer President and Chairman of the Governing Council Institute, Dr. Iliaysu Buba Gashinbaki.

There should be transparency at the local level.

Examples of threatening crimes across all sectors of the fledgling democracy of the nation include criminal financial and banking attacks, cyber bullying and others. Emphatically, he said that the Commission and the Police need an instant development to curb the rising challenges. He added that the government agencies — the Commission and the Police — must be trained and equipped to execute their constitutional mandates successfully. Dr. Arase stressed that there should be transparency at the local level, most importantly at the Divisional centre.

Highlighting the new initiative, he said that the local levels have been neglected, and non-state actors have taken hold of the ungoverned spaces. Moreover, he mentioned that there is a requirement for the continual recruitment of Police men to be available for the restoration of properties and Security of lives, recovery of ungoverned spaces and population of the communities across the country. Also, there would be a collaboration between the Institute and the Commission to attack the menace of Financial Crimes affecting the financial sector of the nation.

Trainees will be exposed to cyber and complex crime prevention.

He declared that himself, as an advocate of out-sourcing of skills, has realized that there are missing skills which are absent in the commission, leading to poor efficiency of the police officers. With the identification of these factors, he promised that the officials will be employed as Resource persons in the Institute at Police Colleges, engaging the officers with training and skills to carry out a successful constitutional mandate. During this period, the trainees will be exposed to cyber and complex crime prevention at the stage.

The PSC Chairman was applauded and commended by Dr. Gashknbaki, for the invaluable and rigorous work he has established in the Commission. He stated that the PSC Chairman’s good work was an evidence of his impeccable record in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), where he was promoted to the peak of his career, Inspector General, which is the highest office. Dr. Gashinbaki mentioned that the Institute is a special one that has been known for its commitment to support crime investigation through capacity building.

Improving service delivery through accountability and transparency.

Furthermore, he noted that the Institute would be prepared to collaborate with the Commission in executing its mandate responsibilities of Police Discipline, Promotion and Recruitment, and particularly in the aspect of investigation. In interactions with the Police and other stakeholders, the Police Service Commission (PSC) is governed by some principles, which include upholding the Rule of Law; integrity; merit; and respecting the rights of citizens in executing their duties. The Commission aims at improving service delivery in the Police Force through the promotion of accountability and transparency.


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