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Why Nigeria must promote distance learning

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By Usman Oladimeji

Students engaging in online learning can learn at their own pace.

Modern technology advancement has made it possible to easily access information and acquire knowledge. Even distance is no longer a barrier to education; with Distance Learning, you can participate in educational opportunities regardless of where you are physically located. People from all over the world, literally and figuratively, are drawn to the educational opportunities provided by distance learning. This is the case in students who are computer literate and know how to use the internet effectively have easy access to a wide variety of online educational platforms as well as webinars, and zoom.

Among its numerous benefits, distance learning is highly adaptable, adjustable, technologically advanced, flexible, time-saving, employment-safe, financially sensible, aspiration-fulfilling, status-enhancing, and widely acknowledged. It’s flexible since it allows students to learn whenever and wherever they like. Students engaging in online learning are not restricted to the typical constraints of in-person learning. They can learn at their own pace, at their own time, and in the setting of their choosing. Also, distance learning is adjustable since it may be revised for a new purpose.

Students are free to determine how to best utilize their time.

Online tools such as zoom, webinars, skype, among others have been widely used by distance learning facilitators to interact with their students. However, this has also increased the requirements on students to learn digital literacy skills so that they can effectively use these tools. The learner can also set his or her own pace with distant learning. It is not a frantic race as learners and the organizers may tailor the experience to their own learning styles.

Given that students vary in their levels of preparedness, dedication, commitment, and motivation, a flexible learning environment allows them to progress in accordance with predetermined arrangements and considerations. One more advantage of studying from a distance is the time saved. Due to the fact that remote learning is not as structured as formal learning, students are free to determine how to best utilize their time. When compared to formal learning, where unanticipated circumstances might have a significant impact on your studies, the length of time it takes to complete a distance learning course is virtually always known in advance.

Nigerian govt urged to promote distant learning.

Distance learning also helps sustain employment opportunities as it is tailored toward that end. It’s ideal for people with jobs who don’t have the time or money to invest in formal learning where they risk losing their current positions. Learning from afar can be financially prudent. The fact that you can continue working while pursuing your degree reduces the financial burden significantly. Moreover, furthering education is ambition-fulfilling. Distance learning makes it possible for anyone, regardless of time, location, or financial situation, to pursue and achieve their educational goals.

Another benefit of receiving learning from a distance is an increase in social-status. If you want to advance in your current position but need additional education, you can get it through remote learning without having to quit your employment. Taking into account these numerous benefits, it is strongly suggested that governments at all levels in Nigeria significantly promote and financially support distant learning. This is in light of the fact that it has become widely known all over the world. The old-fashioned view that distance learning cannot keep up with formal learning has been largely disproven.

Individuals are now discerned by their intellectual knowledge.

Nowadays, the evaluation of an individual’s competence within society is predicated not upon the disparity of formal learning versus distance learning, but rather upon the discernment of their intellectual knowledge within their respective field of expertise. Now with the society’s realization regarding the knowledgeable, versatile, reliable, dependable and, most importantly, dynamic of distance learning students, it’s imperative to make a loud and clear call to the three tiers of government in Nigeria, urging them to provide the necessary impetus necessary to promote this mode of education.

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