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Financial literacy will boost Nigeria economy

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By Mercy Kelani

Nigeria needs investment of private sector operators and businesses.

The Chief Executive Officer of Transblue Nigeria Limited, Hakeem Ajisafe, declared that Nigeria needs to build a group of financially literate individuals if the economy in Nigeria is going to experience the much-needed prosperity. He said that the country needs the Investment of Private Sector operators and businesses in the necessary Education. Ajisafe added that Investment programmes such as the QNET FinGreen Empowerment programme, where Nigerian youths were taught to be financially literate, is highly required to have positive impact on the economy of the country.

Ajisafe stated that QNET FinGreen Empowerment programme will guarantee that people are empowered with the right financial knowledge which will aid them to decide right on these issues. He added that training 6,000 attendants is not the only vision or major aim of FinGreen as there is more to it. More so, the chief executive officer of Transblue Nigeria Limited said that the key objective of the training is to empower Nigerian citizens with financial Literacy to foster Economic Growth in the country.

African leaders have poor financial literacy education.

According to Ajisafe, it was stated that one of the ideas that came up during the initiation of the training, besides the ability to engage others through training and Empowerment of the participants, was to lay examples, teaching others to raise people, whom in future will raise and help others. This is beyond empowering people to be financially literate. Also, Ajisafe said to the public that the training is to help the people who will, in future, help others, through the money they have been able to secure while working.

Also, a financial Literacy expert and facilitator for the FinGreen programme, Laja Shoniran, said that the training is a crucial programme for every facet and aspect of a person’s life as a nation and as individuals. According to him, he stressed, poor financial Literacy of leaders is responsible for some of the major problems facing Africa and Nigeria encounter currently. During his speech, he stated that the leaders in Nigeria and Africa are not keen on ensuring Investment in this form of Education.

N1 million seed money was won by the best student.

Shoniran stated that it is prerequisite to not cease to let people be aware of the necessity for this form of Education, emphasizing that without ensuring that it is being taught, it will impede the development of the economy. The executive director for CADEF, Chiso Ndukwe-Okafor, commended the dedication and initiative of the sponsors to ensuring the establishment of development in local areas. Okafor said that the training programme is crucial as it bridges the gap of financial Literacy among the citizens of Nigeria.

Ndukwe-Okafor stated that the training is an amazing programme as she stressed the significance of wealth in all spheres of life; she also enlightened the youths on the significance and importance of financial Literacy. She urged all participants to be wealthy spiritually, financially, emotionally, and physically. This means focusing on ensuring that a positive legacy is left behind in the environment after the training. The best student for the second round of the programme and winner of the N1 million seed money, Glory Adeshemowo, stated that her financial Literacy had improved under the training.

A sum of N2 million was received by the top three students.

Adeshemowo said that she would invest her grand prize money in the development of her business. 25 Nigerian youths had a successful graduation at the second cohort of the FinGreen Empowerment programme. A sum of N2 million was received by the top three students as an award from QNET. The prize was presented in partnership with Transblue Limited, Financial Literacy for All, and Consumer Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation (CADEF). The winner was awarded the sum of N1 million while the second person was awarded the sum of N750,000, and the third person received the sum of N500,000.

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