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UPF to train 4,560 teachers nationwide

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By Usman Oladimeji

Universal Peace Federation commenced training teachers on character education.

Universal Peace Federation West Africa, Sub-Regional Director, Rev. George Ogurie, disclosed the federation’s plan to train and empower 4560 teachers with character Education competency across the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory (FCT). This was disclosed on the sidelines of a 3-day workshop on character education for head teachers and teachers at pilot schools in Abuja. He stated that the training will enable the teachers with technical know-how in education content to bring about transformation, which he perceived the Nigerian society desperately needs.

Rev. Ogurie stressed the importance of the number of teachers targeted nationwide in disseminating information on a regular basis. The federation plans to train at least 120 teachers in each state to become character education experts so as to be available as resource persons in schools at all levels, as well as within the communities, to promulge the message of character education. He mentioned that the program is still in the pilot stage and intends to have the program well-grounded in the FCT.

Federation to host the program across the geo-political zones.

Sub-Regional Director explains that more sensitization workshops will be held with stakeholders in the state to make them understand the significant value of character education and draw their attention to owned participation in the program. Further, the program will also be hosted in the other six geo-political zones. In general, the program is set to address youth restiveness and other vices which had caused moral degradation in society and are inimical to national development.

In her statement on character education inducing Patriotism, Mr. George Ikpot, the National Secretary of the foundation, asserts that good character is a requisite quality of patriotism, “for you to be recognized as a patriot, you need to be someone who is equipped with a good character and devoted to the country, which is why character education is the foundation of love to the nation.” He said the training was introduced to empower young men and women ready to be devoted to righteousness.

A large part of the program framework has been covered.

Ikpot added that UPF has formed a collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Education to work on a character education project over the course of two years, with the ultimate goal of incorporating character education into the standard academic Curriculum. In the same vein, Dr. Bilkisu Adedoyin, a teacher, emphasized the significance of the initiative by stating that people need to modify their personalities and attitudes in order to become more engaged, patriotic, and committed to the advancement of the nation.

She avers that based on the plans and framework implemented, with the program still at the pilot stage, 70 percent have already been covered. This is attributed to the cooperation from the national to the local level towards successfully making available the numerous tools needed to accomplish the set objectives. Furtherly, Mr. Abubakar Dan-Tsoho, a staff member of UPF, said the target for schools was necessary as it is easier to groom children than adults. He explained that at the pilot stage, the teachers need to interact with the children first.

Significant value and objective of the program.

This program is a peace-building project aimed at Nigerian youth leaders and educators who are to learn character education in order to develop young people’s relationships in their communities, workplaces, and families. Thereby assisting them to avoid engaging in destructive behaviors such as teenage pregnancy, promiscuity, and violence. Additionally, addressing the fall of moral standards that have become a bane in the country’s development and the negative impact that litters the entire landscape of our national life.


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