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FG engages firm to track Nigerian helicopters

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Nigerian Government has engaged a company to monitor helicopter movements.

The Nigerian federal government has entered into a Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) arrangement with a private company in order to fulfil the goal of keeping a record of Helicopter movements throughout the country. Mr. Stanley Chike, the Managing Director of Naebi Dynamic Services Limited, recently disclosed to members of the press in Lagos that the company was investing in cutting-edge Technology worth multiple billions of Naira in order to monitor activities in the Aviation and oil sectors across the entirety of the country.

According to him, the company is investing funds into a multinational control room center, navigational facilities and radar equipment in order to keep an eye on the goings-on in both of these industries and beyond. Chike noted that the movement of low-level flying equipment such as helicopters would be accurately captured and documented by the nation as a result of this Investment and that the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for the government would also grow.

This deal will ensure airspace safety while also generating revenue.

Speaking further on the new arrangement, He explained that through the course of the company’s feasibility studies that were conducted, it had discovered that there are no less than 200 helicopters now in operation in the country, and the majority of them operated internally by providing shuttle services to oil corporations. Therefore, he added that the firm’s service would ensure the safety of the airspace while at the same time generating revenue for the nation.

Additionally, the method of generating funds from the contract was not innovative, stating that it had been approved by the recommended procedures of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and that it was also a law in the country. However, in addition to this, he emphasized that the company would provide additional employment for the country, which he estimated to be 15,000, and that this would lead to a reduction in criminality and other illegal activities because a large number of young people would be removed from the streets.

Helicopter operators are taxed based on weight, here, the fee is the same.

Aviation is a transnational industry, and what is done in one nation is often repeated in another, including Nigeria. The IOC won’t try to hide the fact that they are aware of this practice in their own nations, but Nigeria went above and beyond to ensure that it was included in the country’s Act as well as the ICAO law. It is both a national and international law. In contrast to other nations, where helicopter operators are taxed based on weight, here, the fee is the same regardless of weight.

This movement was possible because Chike stated that before they began, he had observed several gaps in the system. As a result, they conducted a feasibility study, processed the results, and submitted their findings to the government. After that, they were able to secure the buy-in of the relevant stakeholders, specifically the aviation and oil industries. After the bill had been passed, he expressed his gratitude to the federal government for carrying out the provisions of the law.

The project will bring revolution to the aviation sector.

Moreover, Chike explained that their work takes place both offshore and onshore, and people would probably agree with him when he says that we have more than 200 heliports. We also have more than 100 airstrips, oil rig platforms, aerodromes, FSPOs, helidecks, and other similar locations beyond the Niger Delta. This is a project to look forward to if it’s adequately implemented, especially in the aviation sector, because it’s going to bring about a new revolution in the country while also providing employment opportunities for people.


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