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Train attack victims exploited

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By Kenny Adetunji

Terrorists release a propaganda video showing abducted victims.

TVC News Nigeria gives us a report on a video that is circulating on social media.

The terrorists who ambushed the Kaduna-bound train on March 28, resulting in the death of several passengers and the abduction of others, have released another video showing their victims in an unidentified location believed to be a forest. The video, which was released on April 1, shows the hostages sitting on the ground with armed men in military camouflage behind them. The terrorist group has not been identified, but it is believed that they are associated with the Boko Haram insurgency. This is the second attack on a train in Nigeria this year. In February, Boko Haram ambushed a train in northeastern Nigeria, resulting in the death of at least 70 people.

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