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Tinubu should address kidnapping problem – AI

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Nigeria is confronted with a surge in kidnappings, affecting people's lives.

Amnesty International (AI), a global organisation advocating for human rights, expressed its concerns on Monday regarding the prevailing insecurity in Nigeria. The organisation emphasised that the people of Nigeria are currently confronted with a distressing surge of kidnappings, which has reached an alarming level. In light of this situation, Amnesty International urged President Bola Tinubu to treat the escalating instances of kidnapping, which have unfortunately integrated into the daily lives of Nigerians, as a critical emergency. They stressed the importance of him employing every legitimate means available to terminate this distressing cycle of violence and fear effectively.

In the past week, a distressing incident occurred where more than 45 individuals who were journeying from Otukpo in Benue state to Enugu got abducted, and till now, there is no information about their whereabouts. Furthermore, during that same week, Nabeelah, a 400-level student in the Biological Sciences department at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria tragically lost her life while being held captive since her family was unable to promptly fulfil the kidnapper’s demand of ₦60 million as ransom.

Families choose silence amid kidnapping fears in Nigeria.

AI reports that the kidnappers still have her siblings captive, while regrettably, one of the ten individuals abducted in an Abuja estate at Dutse lost their life due to their family’s inability to meet the ransom demands. In a statement titled “Nigeria: Authorities must treat the epidemic of kidnapping as an emergency”, Michael Christian, the Media and Communications Assistant of AI Nigeria, cited Isa Sanusi, the Director of AI Nigeria, stating that the Nigerian Federal Government has demonstrated no concrete dedication towards tackling the deteriorating security situation prevailing throughout the nation.

According to Sanusi, kidnapping has become an epidemic that Nigerian society is grappling with. The precarious situation has pushed people to the brink, as widespread insecurity and ensuing confusion have intensified due to routine abductions. With armed groups gaining more control over the nation, it is imperative for Nigerian authorities to suppress the surge in kidnapping urgently. A multitude of families opt for silence regarding kidnapping incidents after fulfilling ransom demands, driven by their dread of retaliatory actions, consequently leaving many occurrences unrecorded.

Countless individuals face the brutal reality of insecurities.

Furthermore, the Nigerian authorities’ complete inability to safeguard lives has been brought to the forefront by the ongoing wave of kidnappings. According to reports, the actual figure of individuals held by armed groups and kidnappers remains undisclosed, but what is evident is the horrid mistreatment endured by the victims. Among them are numerous women, young girls, and even schoolchildren who have been tragically subjected to brutal acts of rape during their captivity. Without fail, those who are kidnapped are subjected to routine torture.

Countless individuals face the brutal reality of enduring beatings, starvation, life-threatening intimidation, sexual assault, prolonged periods of blindfolded captivity, and the torment of both verbal and physical abuse. The Nigerian government has displayed no concrete dedication towards confronting the mounting security crisis all over the nation. It is evident that the current security measures in place are ineffective, leading to a heightened sense of insecurity among the Nigerian populace, as highlighted by him. Sanusi emphasised the government’s responsibility to prioritise the safety of its citizens. He stressed the importance of not allowing individuals to be at the mercy of merciless criminals, as neglecting urgent security concerns would greatly facilitate violations of human rights.

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Similarly, According to International Human Rights Law and the Nigerian constitution, it is the duty of the authorities to safeguard the lives and belongings of all individuals in the nation without prejudice or discrimination. To ensure justice, fairness, and security amidst the rise in kidnappings, insecurity, and fatalities, it is imperative that the Nigerian authorities and relevant agencies thoroughly examine these incidents and pledge to hold accountable those believed to be responsible through just legal proceedings, as mentioned by AI.

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1 month ago

Tinubu should address kidnapping problem – AI.Nigeria is confronted with a surge in kidnappings, affecting people’s lives. – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

The rise in kidnappings is deeply concerning, and urgent action is needed to address this security crisis. President Bola Tinubu should treat it as an emergency, ensuring the safety of Nigerian citizens and holding those responsible accountable. 🇳🇬🔒 #NigeriaSecurity #SafetyFirst

1 month ago

One major issue that has to be addressed is the rise in kidnappings in Nigeria. In order to protect the safety and security of the populace, leaders must act quickly as it is having a significant influence on a large number of lives.

1 month ago

Tinubu ought to handle the AI kidnapping issue. Nigeria is seeing an increase in kidnappings, which has an impact on people’s life.  Kidnappings in Nigeria are concerningly on the rise and have reached a concerning level at the moment.Kidnappings in Nigeria are concerningly on the rise and have reached a concerning level at the moment.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

Nigeria is currently facing a surge in kidnappings, and it’s a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. It’s crucial for leaders like Tinubu to step up and take action to combat this problem.
Kidnappings not only pose a direct threat to people’s lives, but they also create fear and instability within communities. It’s essential for leaders to prioritize the safety and security of their citizens by implementing effective strategies to prevent and respond to kidnappings.
Addressing the root causes of kidnapping, such as poverty, unemployment, and social inequality, is also important. By investing in education, job creation, and social welfare programs, we can help create opportunities for individuals and reduce the desperation that drives some people to engage in criminal activities.
In addition, collaboration between law enforcement agencies, community leaders, and the public is crucial. By working together, we can gather intelligence, raise awareness, and support the efforts to bring kidnappers to justice.