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Temporary closure of Shoprite in Kano

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By Mercy Kelani

This is due to the store's financial status and prevailing business conditions.

RSNL, the Retail Supermarket Nigeria Limited (RSNL), known for operating Shoprite Nigeria, assures that its departure from Kano is merely a temporary measure. The company affirms its intention to resume operations in the state as soon as the business landscape becomes conducive. In an official statement made on Wednesday, the retail behemoth declared the official closure of its Ado Bayero store in Kano State. This closure, which became effective on January 14, 2024, was officially communicated by the company.

In light of unsatisfactory financial performance and the overall business atmosphere in the state, Shoprite had previously alluded to its departure intentions, slated for December 2023. RSNL’s CEO, Hubertus Rick, asserts that Shoprite has thoroughly examined the store’s financial status and the prevailing business conditions, leading them to conclude that it is crucial to take this particular course of action to secure the organization’s long-term prosperity. Rick mentioned various factors that contributed to the temporary closure of the Kano outlet. These included the influence of consumer purchasing power, the substantial expenses associated with conducting business, the burden of rental costs, and the company’s strong dedication to ethical practices.

Shoprite acknowledges that accepting this news may present challenges.

While stating his opinion, he clarified that the decision should not be misconstrued as a complete withdrawal of Shoprite from Kano. Rather, he emphasized that the company will continue to consider conducting business in the city when the circumstances align favourably. Acknowledging the immense potential of Kano, he highlighted that its expansive nature provides ample space for implementing the unique Shoprite concept. Rick acknowledged the challenging decision and expressed his empathy towards the staff who would be most impacted by it.

He gave his assurance that the organization had devised plans to support and aid those employees who may face difficulties as a result of this decision. In light of this information, Shoprite acknowledges that accepting this news may present challenges, and they want to emphasize that they are fully committed to providing affected workers with all the necessary support during this period of change. Their welfare is of utmost importance to the organization, and they will exert every effort to aid them in discovering fresh avenues for growth within the organization, he conveyed.

Affected workers should apply for vacant positions at new locations.

Hence, he urged them to kindly consider submitting their application for any available positions at the organization’s established stores nationwide, managed by the Human Resources department. Furthermore, they will soon be inaugurating fresh stores in the upcoming months. Hence, they extend an invitation for these workers to apply for employment opportunities at these new locations as well. Over the course of the forthcoming days and weeks, the organization shall furnish them with additional facts pertaining to critical details such as severance benefits.

More so, in addition to the unfavourable situation faced by employees, Shoprite also provided insights into its strategy for expansion within the Nigerian retail industry. The given statement suggests that although Kano operations have paused, Shoprite is considering an optimistic growth strategy for the next two to five years. This plan involves the opening of four new stores every year throughout the nation. Rick stated that despite the contraction of the consumer economy, the company aims to shut down underperforming stores while simultaneously introducing four fresh outlets every year nationwide, based on dependable data gathered from retail market research.

Reopening of several stores in various locations.

Additionally, RSNL has announced that it has initiated the reopening of several stores in various locations, with operations extending from last year all the way through 2024. Among the locations scheduled for reopening are Circle Mall in Lekki, Garden City Mall in Port Harcourt, Galaxy Mall in Kaduna, and Shoprite in Benin. The company confidently stated that this move is a fearless testament to their unwavering trust in both the Nigerian market and its resilient citizens. In the meantime, reports have shown that a number of the mentioned stores have been in operation since the years 2022 and 2023.

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1 month ago

Temporary closure of Shoprite in Kano.This is due to the store’s financial status and prevailing business conditions.  – Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

I heard about the temporary closure of Shoprite in Kano. It’s unfortunate to hear that the store had to close due to its financial status and prevailing business conditions. This can have an impact on the local economy and the community that relied on the store for their shopping needs.
It’s always disheartening to see businesses face challenges, especially when it affects the availability of goods and services for the people. I hope that the store can find a way to overcome these difficulties and reopen in the future, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the local economy once again.
In the meantime, it’s important to support other local businesses in the area and explore alternative options for shopping. This can help ensure that the community still has access to the products they need while also supporting the local economy.

1 month ago

Shoprite in Kano will be temporarily closed. This is a result of the store’s financial situation and the state of the industry.Hopefully, the store will be able to get beyond these obstacles and reopen in the future, creating jobs because most people will have lose their job now

1 month ago

Shoprite will be temporarily closed in Kano. This is because of the financial standing of the store and the general state of the business. The corporation declares that it plans to start up again in the state as soon as the business environment is favorable.

1 month ago

Shoprite in Kano temporarily closed for financial reasons; plans to resume later. Emphasizes support for affected staff and outlines optimistic growth strategy with four new stores annually nationwide. Several stores set to reopen in different locations.