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Tinubu says Nigeria is on the prosperity path

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Government aims to tackle economic challenges and lead towards prosperity.

President Tinubu has promised Nigerians that under his leadership, the government will work tirelessly to improve governance, address economic challenges, and drive the nation towards a prosperous future. Despite facing challenges head-on, he expressed satisfaction with his administration’s progress over the past year. During a meeting at the State House in Abuja, Tinubu stressed the importance of governance being transformative and responsive to citizens’ needs when he met with a delegation of Yoruba Leaders of Thought.

The challenges have been difficult, yet they have also brought a sense of satisfaction. They assumed control and successfully ended the crisis. He declares with confidence that the country is no longer in a state of distress. He assured the people of the country that there would be no bloodshed, only progress. This was his pledge to them and the mission they entrusted him with. Despite the challenging current, they remain steadfast. He reassures them during the meeting that they will overcome the challenges and safely navigate the bend.

Current administration will prioritise better and improved public services.

With cautious optimism, he believes that the country has weathered the worst and will emerge victorious. The president promised the people that his administration would prioritise ensuring their investments pay off and creating a legacy of wealth for generations to come. Tinubu emphasised his commitment to improving governance and increasing access to high-quality public services during his time in office. He stressed the importance of improving governance and leadership at every level of government and organisations.

He emphasised his administration’s dedication to promoting fiscal Federalism and improving the system to ensure universal inclusion and equality for all citizens. Improvements in healthcare, Education, and roads are currently in progress. He is urging them to pay attention to developments in their respective states. It is crucial to prioritise the state governors and emphasise the importance of fulfilling their duties with dedication towards improving people’s lives through their development strategies. By working together seamlessly, there is a guarantee that the country has the potential to become a leading nation globally.

States were urged to prioritise their administrative needs.

Also, the community desperately needs support as the local government struggles to function effectively. Citizens are eager to engage in community development initiatives to thrive and contribute meaningfully. He opposes consolidating all local government responsibilities under the federal government, as it goes against the principles of a federal system and is seen as detrimental. Their system involves a combination of federal and state administrations, each with responsibilities and decision-making processes. While states are expected to prioritise their own administrative needs, no uniform approach fits every situation.

However, states must carefully consider Revenue formulas and adhere to fiscal federalism principles when anticipating potential actions by the new administration. Instead of making decisions solely based on election outcomes, they should focus on key aspects such as population growth and the increasing demand for housing. As the need for additional housing continues to rise, local governments must be adaptable to accommodate growth and expansion effectively. States can better prepare for potential changes and challenges by prioritising these factors.

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Overall, the administration of President Tinubu is unwavering in its will to tackle the country’s economic challenges and improve governance to promote its prosperity. His commitment to preserving fiscal federalism, enhancing public services, and assisting local governance underlines his goal of an adaptable and revolutionary administration. To leave a legacy of prosperity and opportunity for future generations, He prioritises Infrastructure improvements and encourages community involvement. The country is well-positioned to overcome its present difficulties and become prosperous internationally by emphasising cooperation between the federal, state, and neighbourhood administrations.


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