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The official election date is 02/25/2023

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By Dawn

This coming election will be interesting with the new Electoral Act changes.

Empowering women and youth was a main focus when selecting Nigeria’s way forward come election time. The changes with the Electoral Act Follows the deregistration of over 70 political parties in the nation, there has been some resistance from these deregistered parties but not much could be done to overturn the ruling. The Electoral Act also prevents any further parties from registering for the 2023 election.

Candidates and Parties have until 8 months prior to the election date to add their name on the ballot, the due date for submissions 06/17/2023. It is likely we will see an emergence of new faces in government next year and this is exciting, voter turnout should be at an all time high as these candidates will inspire new generations of voters and increase participation in Politics.

Young adults are a critical population in these elections.

The House and Governor elections will be held on 3/11/2023, approximately 2 weeks after the Presidential Election. This is an important time to pay attention to politics, as the outcomes of these elections will have a significant impact on the future of Nigeria. Hard choices need to be made about the future of Nigeria, the voice of our citizens will be heard.

The Nigerian youth and young adults are a critical population in these elections. They are the future of Nigeria, and their voices need to be included in the decisions that are made about the country. The youth and young adults are the ones who will be most affected by the decisions made in these elections, so it is important that they have a say in what happens.

Nigerian youth see their future as bleak.

There is a general belief among older generations of Nigerians that younger candidates do not have the experience needed to solve Nigeria’s complex political landscape. This may be due to the fact that many young people have not had the opportunity to participate in the political process until recently, or the fact that the older generation has lived through many years of political instability and violence, while the younger generation has only experienced a relatively peaceful Nigeria.

Nigerian youth and young adults disagree with the current political leadership, often stating that these leaders have been unable to fix Nigeria. They feel that the knowledge, experience, and determination is lacking with some current leaders and this lack of ability to fix the country has led to frustration among the Nigerian youth, who see their future as bleak.

This election will be a turning point for Nigeria.

There is no doubt that the upcoming election in 2023 will be a historic one. Whether you are on the left or the right, there are many important issues at stake that will determine the future of our country. This election will be a turning point for Nigeria, and the decisions made by the voters will have a lasting impact on our nation.


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