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Technology and Tax to fight illegal oil

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By Kenny Adetunji

Nigeria to combat theft and illegal refineries operating without licensing.

It is difficult to explain how important this issue is to Nigeria, there are many various factors that exist to complicate the discussion of oil, which makes it difficult to address. Theft causes damage and interrupts the supply and movement of oil, illegal refineries undermine the system and introduce contaminated product to the supply.

One factor remains consistent, theft and the illegal refining of oil has a devastating impact on the environment. The destruction of the environment, wildlife, and the health of the inhabitants are all major concerns. The theft and illegal refining of oil is a major problem in Nigeria, and it needs to be addressed.

Pollution tax that would be used to fight illegal refineries.

A group of Pipeline vandals have recently been arrested. This is a serious crime, as it can lead to significant damage and even loss of life. The vandals can face significant penalties, including imprisonment and fines. The acts of vandalism have been ongoing for years, and law enforcement officials often make arrests in an attempt to deter the behavior. However, these efforts have not been completely successful, and the vandalism continues.

Huawei has introduced an early warning system that Nigeria can use to combat theft, and the Senate is pushing a Pollution Tax bill that would be used to fund the fight against illegal refineries. Though it is a good first step to provide a solution to this problem, its effect may not produce the expected results.

The oil and fuel is set free to ruin the environment.

Each day more land is being destroyed, Waterways are getting contaminated, crops are suffering, animal herds are getting sick. People inhaling the contaminated air are getting sick, the populated areas around these operations are uninformed about its long term consequences.

One disturbing factor in the fight against illegal refineries is how the government closes down these operations. You would image they arrest the perpetrators, remove the illegal products and clean up the area for the local residents. This is the opposite of what is really going on. Routinely, the equipment is destroyed, the oil and fuel is set free to ruin the environment or burnt.

400,000 barrels of crude oil are stolen on a daily basis.

Crude oil is a valuable commodity, and as such, it is a target for theft. It is estimated that around 400,000 barrels of crude oil are stolen on a daily basis. This represents a significant loss of Revenue for oil companies and governments, and it also has a negative environmental impact. The thieves often use makeshift pipelines to siphon the oil, which creates air pollution.


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