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Sugar firm donates classrooms to Niger host

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By Okunloye Abiodun

Investing in education would enhance the economy and create opportunities.

Over the weekend, the Sunti Division of Golden Sugar Company expressed its unwavering dedication to enhancing its host community by implementing a comprehensive funding initiative. This program aims to empower residents with technical skills and various opportunities that align with international standards of excellence. During the official ceremony of unveiling and delivering four classrooms along with an office to St. Mathias Nursery and Primary School Kusogi in Niger State Mokwa local council, Mr. Anlo Du Pisani, the General Manager of the esteemed Golden Sugar Company, expressed his commitment to fulfilling the promise.

In August 2022, he said the sugar company had undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of the community it serves. This included identifying focal points for growth and investment. He explained that the decision to pursue this project arose from the understanding that education is crucial for ensuring a stable future, prosperity, and contentment. Furthermore, investing in education would ultimately enhance the economy and create equal opportunities for everyone involved. Then, the company decided to start an education project. Furthermore, he mentioned that in 2018, the company generously contributed two 40-feet containers, each divided into two classrooms, to the school.

People of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds can attend the school.

Pisani pointed out that the project received significant financial support from both the company and an international benefactor, amounting to a sum of N27,265,177. Also, Alhaji (Dr) Yahaya Abubakar, the Etsu Nupe and Chairman of the Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers expressed gratitude towards the company for their investment in the education of the local community. He further urged parents and guardians to take responsibility for the project in order to protect it from acts of vandalism.

Alhaji Baiwa Abubakar Mohammed, Ndaceko Nupe, the representative of the Etsu Nupe, emphasised that the school was created with inclusivity in mind, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds regardless of their ethnic or religious distinctions. He enthusiastically encouraged Muslim parents to consider enrolling their children in this institution. Jibrin Abdullahi Muregi, the Chairman of the Mokwa local council, also expressed admiration for the company’s act of kindness. He acknowledged the company’s consistent commitment to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by offering essential facilities to the community it operates within.

Has seen a significant upgrade in its mode of operation.

The acknowledgement of the school’s inclusive nature, catering to not only Christian students, highlights the utmost importance of diverse parents enrolling their children in this esteemed educational establishment. A remarkable gesture from the council leader entailed the provision of 50 chairs and tables, which were donated to the school. Additionally, he ensured the dispatch of highly qualified teachers to lend their expertise in assisting the sugar company’s endeavour. Furthermore, he would also ensure to carry out diligent supervision of the school’s activities to maintain an unwavering standard.

During his address, the Rt. Reverend Jeremiah Kolo, Bishop of Kutigi Diocese, mentioned that the church commenced the project but was unable to progress beyond laying the foundation due to financial limitations. Ultimately, the sugar company intervened and successfully finalised the entire project, including the completion of the perimeter fencing. The reverend revealed that the contribution to the new classrooms resulted in the school’s transformation from a primary-level establishment to encompassing junior and senior secondary levels due to the backing of the government.

Collaborative efforts will be maintained with the company to enhance the community.

In spite of that, he urged the local community to respond in kind by registering their children at the school. He added that the church will maintain its collaboration with the sugar company to enhance the quality of life for the host community. Similarly, Alhaji Jiya Kusogi, the Chairman of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) at the school, along with Muktar Sani, the Head boy, and Destiny Joseph, the Head girl, expressed their gratitude towards the company for creating an optimal atmosphere that fosters effective education.

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2 months ago

Sugar firm donates classrooms to Niger host. – Investing in education would enhance the economy and create opportunities.Express your point of view.

2 months ago

This is nice that the sugar company for their good move in providing Niger State with classes. It is a wonderful demonstration of both kindness and a commitment to our kids’ education. These kinds of selfless deeds ought to be carried out by other businesses and NGOs.

2 months ago

The Golden Sugar Company’s commitment to enhancing education in Niger State is commendable. It reflects a positive contribution to community development and underscores the importance of collaboration between businesses, local leaders, and religious institutions. Education is a key driver for societal progress and equal opportunities.

2 months ago

Businesses who are actively investing in education, like the Golden Sugar Company, inspire me. Their dedication to community development reflects the progressive and inclusive principles that support the development of the country.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

That’s really wonderful to hear that the sugar firm is donating classrooms to Niger host. Investing in education is such a crucial step towards enhancing the economy and creating opportunities for the community. Education plays a vital role in empowering individuals, improving their skills, and opening doors to better employment prospects. By providing classrooms, the sugar firm is not only contributing to the education infrastructure but also showing their commitment to the development and growth of the local community. This act of generosity will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of the students and the overall progress of Niger host. It’s heartwarming to see businesses recognizing the importance of education and actively supporting it. Kudos to the sugar firm for their philanthropic efforts!