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Musician to FG: uplift artists to curb crime

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By Abraham Adekunle

Music ministry founder express concerns at a performance in Lagos.

Evangelist Bose Adeiwa, the founder of a well-established gospel music organisation called Music Ministry International, has made an impassioned appeal for the Federal Government’s support. She strongly urged the government to implement a comprehensive policy that would specifically focus on recognizing and supporting extraordinary individuals blessed with unique talents within the creative and entertainment sphere. Adeiwa shed light on the crucial obstacles that individuals in the industry, particularly musicians, encounter. She fervently highlighted how implementing a particular policy could effectively tackle these hardships.

Furthermore, she emphasized the policy’s potential to curb the increasing rates of youth involvement in criminal activities, motivated by unemployment and unfruitful engagements. In a heartfelt statement, she stressed the urgent need for government intervention to prioritize the welfare of Nigerians grappling with the current economic hardships. She said, “The inflation rate in our country is unimaginable. Prices of goods and services have skyrocketed. With the look of things, there seems to be no hope for the common man, and there is the need for the government to do something urgent to salvage the situation.”

Religious leaders urged to emulate Prophet Olu-Alo.

Following her soul-stirring musical performance at the dedication ceremony, the gospel singer expressed her reflections on the event. The occasion marked the unveiling of some restroom facilities worth millions of naira, which were generously donated to the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) by Prophet Sam Olu-Alo in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State. The evangelist expressed deep admiration for Prophet Olu-Alo and the profound influence he has had on countless lives. Recognizing the severity of the economic circumstances, she urged other religious leaders to follow his compassionate and benevolent nature.

Having been acquainted with him for six years, she encouraged them to actively support individuals in achieving their aspirations and unlocking their true potential. As countless individuals face uncertainties amidst the economic turmoil, Evangelist Bose Adeiwa’s plea for governmental assistance and her recognition of community leaders working arduously to enact change resonate with the feelings shared by numerous individuals across various sectors, including the creative sphere. This is because all have recognized the need to leverage the human resources that the country has and turn it into something productive.

Nigerian creative industry has evolved over time.

Meanwhile, it is remarkable that the Nigerian creative industry has witnessed a transformative journey, evolving from its humble beginnings into a powerhouse of cultural expression. In its early stages, artists grappled with limited infrastructure and global recognition. However, as time progressed, a surge of technological advancements and increased international collaboration breathed new life into the creative scene. This evolution is evident in the global success of Nigerian music, movies, fashion, and art, showcasing the industry’s ability to overcome challenges and captivate a diverse audience.

Indeed, the Nigerian creative sector’s resilience and innovative spirit have not only propelled it onto the international scene but also positioned Nigeria as an influential hub of creativity, showcasing the nation’s vibrant cultural tapestry and adaptability. Presently, the industry serves as a testament to Nigeria’s deep cultural heritage and its capacity to adapt, innovate, and inspire. This marks a substantial chapter in the ongoing narrative of Nigeria’s creative prowess, emphasizing its influence and dynamism on the world stage.

Government should support Nigerian musicians and artists.

Supporting Nigerian musicians is crucial for fostering cultural richness, economic growth, and international recognition. The music industry is a powerful vehicle for expressing Nigerian diverse cultural heritage, serving as a global ambassador for its artistry. Government backing provides resources for talent development, infrastructure, and global promotion, enabling musicians to reach wider audiences. Moreover, a thriving music industry contributes significantly to the nation’s economy through increased tourism, entertainment exports, and job creation. By investing in Nigerian musicians, the government not only preserves cultural identity but also stimulates economic prosperity on both local and global scales, as well as curbing crime.

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2 months ago

Musician to FG: uplift artists to curb crime. – Music ministry founder express concerns at a performance in Lagos. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

Government intervention in the music business is necessary. Many artists want assistance and backing as well. Artists are more empowered when they have encouragement.To promote cultural diversity, economic expansion, and global recognition, it is essential to support Nigerian musicians.The government not only protects cultural identity through funding Nigerian musicians

2 months ago

Recognizing the plea for government support in the creative industry resonates deeply. Emphasizing the cultural richness and economic contributions of musicians highlights the need for robust support to preserve identity, stimulate prosperity, and curb societal challenges.

2 months ago

I agree that the creative industries need government backing. I think that supporting musicians is essential for maintaining our culture, fostering economic growth, and reducing violence in our community, given the difficulties that artists confront

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

Absolutely! I completely agree with the musician’s plea to the FG to uplift artists as a way to curb crime. Music has a powerful influence on society, and supporting artists can have a positive impact on the community. By providing opportunities, resources, and platforms for artists to showcase their talent, the government can help channel their creativity and energy in a productive direction. Investing in the arts not only promotes cultural expression but also provides alternative avenues for individuals to pursue their passions and stay away from criminal activities. It’s inspiring to see the music ministry founder raising awareness about this issue and advocating for the upliftment of artists. Let’s hope that the FG takes this message to heart and implements measures to support and empower artists in Nigeria. Together, we can create a safer and more vibrant society!