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Shettima attends World Economic Forum 2024

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By Mercy Kelani

This journey marks Shettima’s seventh international expedition.

Vice President Kashim Shettima embarked on an official journey to Davos, Switzerland as the representative of Nigeria in the 2024 World Economic Forum. This decision was made under the direction of President Bola Tinubu, as Shettima left the capital city of Abuja on January 14, 2024, to attend the prestigious annual event. Stanley Nkwocha, the Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President focusing on Media and Communications, shared this information via an official statement he signed on Sunday.

The statement was titled ‘Nigeria’s Representation at the World Economic Forum: Vice President Shettima’s Journey to Davos.’ In just under a year of leading, Shettima embraced his seventh international expedition as he set foot on Swiss soil. So far, he has accumulated a total of 36 days being abroad, serving as a representative of Nigeria in various countries such as Italy, Russia, South Africa, Cuba, China, and the United States. According to Nkwocha, this upcoming occasion will witness the participation of the Vice President.

He is set to preside over a roundtable discussion.

It will also witness various prominent figures from the realm of Politics and business, for a duration of one week. The main agenda of this yearly forum will revolve around the deliberation of worldwide matters relating to socio-economic advancements and progress. Aside from the regular plenary session, the launch of the Private Sector Action Plan for the African Continental Free Trade Area is at the forefront of Vice President Shettima’s priorities. This event will be held during a special session, where he will co-chair.

Also, the statement disclosed that, in addition to the aforementioned individuals, he is set to engage in important conversations with IFC’s Managing Director, Makhtar Diop as well as Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh, and several other notable figures. In addition, Shettima is set to preside over a roundtable discussion, focusing on Nigeria’s economic trajectory, during the sidelines of the annual conference. He is scheduled to participate in an exclusive gathering aimed at fostering confidence in the worldwide initiative for transitioning into Renewable Energy sources.

WE Forum’s driving force is a relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial goals.

After being an active participant in the week-long event, it is anticipated that the Vice President will be making his way back to Nigeria. The World Economic Forum as the epitome of collaboration between the public and private sectors, representing the International Organization for such a productive partnership. The paramount objective of The Forum is to involve the most prominent figures in politics, business, culture, and various other sectors, in order to influence and mold global, regional, and industry agendas.

In 1971, the organization emerged in Geneva, Switzerland, as a foundation aiming to serve the global public interest. With its headquarters situated in the same city, this not-for-profit entity operates independently and remains unbiased, without any affiliations to particular groups. The driving force behind this organization is a relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial goals, all the while maintaining exemplary levels of governance. It places moral and intellectual integrity at the core of each endeavour, ensuring that its actions are in line with its principles.

Progress is nurtured through the unification of individuals.

Its approach is heavily influenced by a distinctive institutional ethos rooted in the stakeholder theory. According to this theory, every aspect of a company must answer to the entirety of society. They meticulously integrate and harmonize the most effective aspects from a diverse array of organizations, encompassing public and private sectors, international bodies, and academic institutions. Their conviction lies in the idea that progress is nurtured through the unification of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each possessing the determination and capacity to instigate meaningful transformations.


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