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Security of oil facilities gains progress

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By Mercy Kelani

NNPC’s partnership with non-State actors led to an increase in oil production.

The existing partnership between Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Limited and non-State actors to ensure the security of oil facilities in the region of the country that concerns itself with oil production delighted the high-powered delegation from the House of Representatives; this is because the partnership has fostered an increase in the volume crude oil production. The high-powered delegation was led by Deputy Majority Leader, Hon. Peter Akpatason and the Chairman of the House Committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream) who expressed satisfied delight at the 3-day oversight function to the riverine areas of Delta State.

Hon. Akpatason emphasized that the delegation is concerned with evaluation of security situations and ability to contribute in legislative terms towards the betterment of the situation and enhancement of the capacity of Nigeria to produce and sell oil. The mission of the delegation also includes funding the budget and promoting the development of human capital and infrastructure of Nigeria. During the course of accomplishing the mission, there have been visitations to different sites such as oil production facilities, well-heads, pipelines and flow stations.

Nigeria would no longer borrow money for funding after ongoing dev.

The partnership between Tanita Security Services Limited and NNPC have generated evident improvement in the country’s ability to produce hydrocarbon which is the major foreign earning for the country. The delegation believes Nigerians should be concerned with measures that can enable improvement in the capacity of the country to earn income for funding development and reduction of borrowing and efforts to achieve these should be supported. During the course of the 3-day tour, visible improvement in the Creeks were observed.

It was stated that if the country can achieve the current development in the Creeks – in the land areas – and in the offshore, Nigeria would have no cause to borrow money for the purpose of funding the important national budget and projects. Also, the delegation expressed delight in the work that is going on in the areas and the happiness in member of these communities as they revealed satisfaction in the current reasonable amount of stability due to the improved security situation.

Insecurity in oil communities impeded daily business activities.

Previously, many people in these communities are unable to go about their business activities due to insecurity. Oil companies also lamented about spending a lot to fix vandalized pipelines which eventually increases the cost of production, leading to a reduction in the Federal Government’s allocation for development. However, ever since insecurity has been curbed, people in the community testify on how they now comfortably go about their fishing activities as they also supported the security forces to combat crime in their locality.

Akpatason saluted the Nigerian Navy and other security agencies in their efforts to secure oil facilities in the area and urged the stakeholders to stop the destruction of boats and other seized items, rather there should be an integration of these items into government assets. Chairman of Tantita Company Limited, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, who briefed the delegation on current efforts to enable security of oil facilities encouraged lawmakers to provide essential legislative instruments and policies that will make recorded gains sustainable.

With ongoing progress, NNPC will soon meet the OPEC quota.

Hon. Julius Pondi, representing Burutu Federal Constituency of Delta State, revealed his excitement over the achievements of desirable results in the oil-producing communities across the Niger Delta region. According to him, before the intervention of Tantita, the communities used to suffer degradation, aquatic damage, inability to farm, oil spill, inability to fish and many more; however, there is now a visible change and progress which requires sustenance as even production has increased. With this, NNPC is confident that it is close to meeting the OPEC quota.

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