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Human rights abuse must be addressed – IHRC

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By Usman Oladimeji

IHRC urges infrastructure, digitization, and promotion of MSMEs in the nation.

The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has called on the federal government to fortify human rights by addressing the issues bedeviling human rights and inducing slander and outrage against Nigerians, which is said to have a large part as to why citizens are leaving the country, causing Brain Drain. IHRC further urges the development of Infrastructure, digitization, and promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) for Sustainable Development of the nation, thus noting that these are amenities all citizens are entitled to and it is their rights.

Dr. Duru Hezekiah, IHRC’s Head of Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria, who made this known at a conference meeting organized to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, stressed that absence of adequate infrastructure and other development indices predispose citizens to circumstances in which their rights are abused at home and in Diaspora. He added that these reasons are what propel the fast depletion of quality expertise in the country.

Much needed human rights recognition and amenities in the country.

While emphasizing the string of woes hampering citizen’s right in the country, Dr Hezekiah exemplifies that a country like Nigeria has never celebrated 24 hours of Electricity supply, the oil regime management is shrouded in secrecy, the state of roads have never at any time been in the best shape for travelers, the public Education sector is at its worst times, and lives have been wasted through incessant killings everywhere. These are just a few of the human rights infringements and abuses against Nigerians.

Furthermore, he said too much hardship and fear of Insecurity have led to the migration of most Nigerians to Western countries, which is notable expertise. While several girls who forced there move abroad are being abused as sexually. The organization, thus, urges human rights recognition and adequate developmental amenities in the country. Also, executive director of Citizens Advocacy for Social and Economic Rights and a human right lawyer, Frank Tietie, in his declaration during a speech titled ‘Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All’, affirms that either the poor or the affluent, everyone is entitled to benefit the quality of life.

National peace should be promoted for a conducive learning atmosphere.

Tietie stated that backed with empirical, mathematical and historical aspects, what drives individuals to migrate from their homeland to a more developed country is nothing but the fact that these affluent countries do uphold human rights duly, whereas impoverished ones neglect them. On his part, Mallam Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education, who highlighted that every Nigerian has the right to free education at the primary and fundamental levels, nonetheless criticizes the effect of insecurity in the northeast. He remarked that the insecurity is a huge barrier inhibiting the government in its course to engage millions of out-of-school children in the area.

Mallam Adamu further highlighted some depictions of particular hindrance which leads children to remain out of school and also some condition where education has been threatened. However, he stressed the need to secure national Peace and safety in order to create a conducive atmosphere for learning. Patrick Areghan, head of the Nigerian office of the West African Examinations Council, also emphasized that education is not only a right but also the gateway to the development of human capital, which in turn creates and increases possibilities.

The current state of insecurity in the country poses a danger.

He continued by stating that education is the finest Investment a country can make in its citizens and the country’s future as a whole, citing its potential to create wealthy, healthy, and equal communities. The current state of insecurity in the country poses a severe danger to the full enjoyment of this freedom. There is an immediate need for a comprehensive strategy to combat risks militating against the right to education, such as abducting children and instructors and burning schools.


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