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Russia accepting rejected Nigerian refugees

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After signing the 1951 Convention, Nigerians escaping Ukraine are getting rejected.

Nigerians who have attempted to flee Ukraine over the past few weeks are finding themselves stranded, as it appears that their country of origin is not being accommodated at Ukraine’s borders. This is strange considering the Nigerian government has ratified the United Nations’ 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, which makes Nigerian nationals eligible for refugee status. This leaves many Nigerians stranded in a country that is increasingly hostile, as the conflict continues to escalate.

The embassy of Nigeria was present at a recent meeting between Russian and Ukrainian officials to ensure the safety and well-being of Nigerian citizens living in Russia. This demonstrates the Nigerian government’s commitment to protecting its citizens living abroad. The embassy has also been working closely with the Russian government to ensure that all Nigerians in Russia are registered with the embassy and have the proper documentation. The Nigerian government is committed to ensuring the safety and Security of its citizens, wherever they may be.

Logistics arrangements to evacuate Nigerian students in Ukraine.

Our embassy is committed to providing consular assistance to Nigerian citizens who need it, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with our Russian counterparts to improve the safety and security of all citizens abroad. The Russian embassy in Abuja has been extremely helpful in assisting Nigerian citizens who have found themselves in difficult situations, and we are grateful for their support. We will continue to work together to ensure that all citizens are safe and protected while abroad.

The Russian Embassy released a statement on Wednesday saying that Ambassador Alexander Bogdanov had spoken to Nigerian counterpart Shehu, and advised him that Russia was in the process of putting together Logistics arrangements to facilitate the evacuation of Nigerian students stranded in Ukraine. The statement said that Bogdanov had offered the assistance of the Russian government in evacuating the students, and that Shehu had accepted the offer. The Russian government has been working to evacuate Russian citizens stranded in Ukraine since the start of the conflict there. In addition to Russian nationals, there are also a number of foreign citizens stranded in the country, including students from Nigeria.

Russia and Nigeria could cooperate in the fight against terrorism.

The March 18th meeting held by Prof. Abdullahi Shehu, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Nigeria to Russia with accreditation to Belarus, and Mikhail Bogdanov, Special Representative of Russian Federation for the Middle East and Africa, was to discuss issues of mutual interest between both countries. The meeting was important in that it allowed for both countries to share their thoughts and ideas on the current state of affairs in the world and to explore ways in which they could work together to improve things. In particular, the discussion focused on ways in which Russia and Nigeria could cooperate in the fight against Terrorism and ways in which they could help to stabilize the region.

Discussed at this meeting were a variety of topics, including the current situation in Ukraine and Russia-Nigeria relations. The two countries have had a traditionally friendly relationship, and the meeting aimed to discuss ways to further develop this relationship in the future. The meeting also discussed economic, Trade, and technological issues, as well as science and Culture. The humanitarian sphere was also a topic of discussion, and the meeting aimed to find ways to cooperate more closely in this area.

Nigeria and Russia have had a long-standing relationship.

Bogdanov advised Shehu that the Ministry of Education for Russia would offer admissions to Nigerians willing to continue with their education in Russia. This was in line with the previous warm relationships between Nigeria and Russia, military and political support was given to Nigeria during the civil war. Nigeria and Russia have had a long-standing relationship, with Russia being one of the few countries to offer military and political support to Nigeria during the civil war.


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