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QNET to expand its operations to Nigeria

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By Timothy Akintola

Misleading scam makes claims about the direct selling platform to be curbed.

Since 2021, the direct selling sector has witnessed an 18 percent increase in distributors across Africa. One of the significant reasons for this surge has been the appealing advent to youths, in a continent where the employment rate has failed to meet the needs of a growing labor force. The demographic’s appreciation for direct sale firms have also emanated from the low entry barrier which provides a much-needed platform for professional development. QNET, despite the misleading media claims about being a scam firm, is a global company which operate in multiple countries and has shaped the model of its E-Commerce platform to help numerous micro-entrepreneurs across global emerging economies.

Recently, the firm collaborated with Transblue Limited, a customer service compliance and logistics company, to train Nigerian youths on ways to establish and develop their businesses. This scheme of teaching the young Nigerian generation measures required for building businesses, has been seen by many as an excellent way to curb the spread of the misleading claims. The regional director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Biram Fall, noted that despite the fact that QNET had faced controversial claims in certain countries like Nigeria, they would continually maintain their position as a legitimate business platform.

Transblue partnering with QNET led to trainings of 600 Nigerians in 2022.

Abdulhakeem Abiodun, the Managing Director of Transblue also indicated that the collaboration had been pivotal in enabling the company to connect Nigerians to QNET’s worldwide network for the provision of impactful business opportunities for people aiming to better their lives. He disclosed that his firm was looking to leverage the technology advancement needed for direct selling to further accomplish these goals. In 2022, this collaboration successfully enabled the training of about 600 Nigerians via the FinGreen programme, with a major goal of accelerating financial literacy among women and youths to enhance economic growth amongst emerging economies.

Biram Fall however admitted that the partnership with Transblue had been a game changer for their business, allowing them reach a new customer base and expanding their product offers. He also stated that collaborations like this was a key element of their success, noting that the company was looking forward to thriving in Nigeria by delivering the best of services. The direct selling business, since its establishment in 1998, has built a positive impact globally. With QNET, it has been an important part to improve entrepreneurship of Nigerians, helping them earn commissions and adding value to the society. However, fraudulent individuals have been working to tarnish this reputation by presenting non-existent jobs using the company’s name.

Direct selling model often misunderstood amongst most emerging economies.

As a result of these fraudulent activities, the Direct Selling Disinformation Center was established, in a bid to crack down on the misinformation making rounds as to the platform being a scam scheme. Also, the disinformation center was created to ensure that everyone selling the products follow the firm’s best practices. Trevor Kuna, QNET’s Chief Strategist and Transformation Officer also noted that direct selling was an established and regulated industry in most advanced economies but the arrival of innovative business models, different from the traditional trade, was often misunderstood in emerging economies.

He further explained that no other organization was so dedicated to curbing the disinformation being employed by rogue operators to abuse the direct selling platform for their personal gain or a shortcut. It operates the Direct Selling Disinformation Center to salvage the challenges of misconception, unethical actions and public complaints. The disinformation center uses a website which includes live reporting to help people flag suspicious behaviors. The center also enables the filing of complaints once suspicion is raised about any product, offer or service.

Headquarters is in Hong Kong but present in at least 25 countries.

QNET provides trainings in product knowledge, marketing and sales tools and leadership development to independent representatives. The company, though headed in Hong Kong, is present in about 25 countries through agency partnerships, branch offices, franchises and subsidiaries. It is said to be investing in projects such as FinGreen programme, in a bid to sufficiently teach the necessary skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur globally. Biram Fall noted that this should clear things up for people still doubtful about the authenticity of the company.

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