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Peaceful accord key to Nigeria’s greatness

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By Timothy Akintola

Citizens admonished to stay away from ethnic and religious sentiments.

Since the 1967-1970 civil war event which ravaged Nigeria, numerous efforts have been pumped into a peaceful integration between the various ethnic groups in the country. Even the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps in 1973 was a huge indication of the government’s endeavors to promote unity amongst the different socio-ethnic tribes. Whilst these efforts have undeniably yielded a significant degree of success in propagating peaceful coexistence, it has become paramount to remind Nigerians, especially the youths that the key to the country’s greatness has been so embedded in the age-long unity and coexistence, despite the tribal differences.

Prince Siyanbola Oladigbolu, a mariner and front contender for the position of Alaafin of Oyo, explained this as his response to the numerous stimulating situations such as the economic and security crises posing as threats to the unifying coexistence in Nigeria since the general elections. He urged the aggravated parties to shun from violence and avoid challenges threatening the security status quo, as the country was preparing for an imminent transition to a new governmental administration.

Nigerians urged to dissuade from stimulating any form of violence.

He urged all Nigerians to respect God’s natural algorithm as one that foreshadows things to happen, and allow him to salvage the existing problems in the country. He also emphasized the need for Nigerians to explore legal means to solving problems instead of taking laws into their hands. Prince Siyanbola, who also doubles as a business developer and political observer, stated that it was important for all citizens to do away with all forms of ethnic differences and religious sentiments, in a bid to maintain the peace and unity that have been propagated in the past.

The business developer noted that we were created by God to celebrate unity in diversity, averred that the country’s situation had exceeded the considerations ethnic extractions in defining our collective identity. According to him, Nigerians must learn to dissuade themselves from stimulating any form of ethnic violence. He said that it was very important for everyone to overtly propagate the idea of a national identity, which would further enhance the chances for absolute unity within the country.

Unity important for Nigeria to enjoy human and material resources.

Prince Siyanbola contended that Nigeria was not a one man or one tribe ownership but belonged to all and as such, everyone must learn to live together in accord as an indissoluble entity to work together towards attaining the greatness that God had destined for the country. He recalled life in the 50s up to the 70s, noting that growing up in Nigeria was immensely joyous because nobody cared about whatever part of the country or whatever tribe anyone came from, urging for the country to return to this era.

The prince noted that even as a Yoruba man, had numerous friends across other ethnic groups in the country, who they grew up, went to school together and now do businesses together. This, he said was how it should be if the country would collectively enjoy human and material resources. He also urged that Lagos state, being a center of excellence and the commercial hub of the country, should be allowed to remain the melting pot of every ethnic groups to coexist. He said that this was the standard right since Lagos was Nigeria’s capital and as such, must continue to remain so.

Youths urged not to enact violence in approaching the government.

He emphasized that political differences must not herald tribal crises in the country, indicating that the political class would always be friends, regardless of their tribes and for this reason, no youth should enact violence in approaching the government. He advices for civility and adherence to the legal process. He insisted that openly confronting the government without any adherence to the legal process would in fact complicate matters. He noted that the Nigerian youths must instead focus on keying into opportunities from the different initiatives in the country.

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