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Oyo student to sit for Nigeria in Switzerland

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By Mercy Kelani

Students of Oyo State emerged winners in national competitions.

Two students in Oyo State, Master Asala Oreoluwa from Government College, Ibadan, and Miss Rosemary Anuoluwapo Ajiboye from Sacred Heart College, Akinyemi Ibadan, won the 2022 National Schools Essay Writing, and Nigeria Mathematics and Sciences Olympiads Competitions, respectively. The National Essay Writing Competition, won by (Oreoluwa) the student from Government College Ibadan, was set up by Human Capital Development for the June 2022 edition of the competition, and was held at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, in Abuja.

During the second round of the Nigeria Mathematics and Sciences Olympiads Competitions, eleven states in Nigeria were represented by different students. However, Anuoluwapo of Sacred Heart College, representing Ibadan, defeated all representatives from the eleven states to emerge the winner and will be representing the country in the finals, the final international Physics Olympiads Competition that will take place in Switzerland between the 7th and 12th of July, 2022. This achievement granted her the privilege of meeting with the state Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology.

The State Commissioner for Education acknowledged the winners.

The state Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Rahman Abiodun Abdul-Raheem, while hosting one of the winners, Anuoluwapo Ajiboye, at his office, showed his genuine happiness over the outstanding performances of the students and the efforts of their school managements, while applauding the hard work of teachers and the State Education monitoring units. He also stated that the accomplishments indicated that the state administration’s investments in the education sector have succeeded in producing good fruits.

The great feat attained by the students is described to be a good omen to Oyo State and the country as a whole. The commissioner therefore has more confidence in the upward performance of schools in the state for external examinations and national competitions, while recognizing the administration and efforts of Governor Seyi Makinde. The outstanding individual students’ performance is an assurance of the inculcation of good education that would reflect in national position within a matter of time.

Government College, Ibadan, founded since 1929.

In the Sacred Heart College, students are taught catholic education which comprises of all the deliberate, systematic, and sustained efforts of the Church community; this is applicable in both formal and informal educational settings. The students are given this form of education to help develop the skills, knowledge, and values that are needed for life. The college is set to achieve the goals of education in its students as education makes an individual civilized, refined and cultured. Besides the ability of education to make an individual perfect, it is the key to the solution of many problems of life.

Government College, Ibadan, on the other hand, is a boys’ only secondary school, founded on the 28th of February, 1929, and is located on the hills of Apata Ganga in Ibadan, Nigeria. The founding fathers were Selwyn MacGregor Grier, Director of Education southern provinces, and E. R. Swanston, Inspector of Education. The school, modeled on the British public boarding schools of the era, was temporarily moved to several sites during the Second World War, before its final resettlement back at its original site.

Anuoluwapo will represent Nigeria in Switzerland.

The Sacred Heart College and The Government College, Ibadan, founded in the early ‘60s and late ‘20s respectively, have maintained a good and enviable standard of education for a period longer than 50 years. Pursuing the attainment of high quality standard of education in several fields, students are taught to imbibe the habit of studying. Asala Oreoluwa has succeeded in making a face for The Government College, Ibadan, while Anuoluwapo Ajiboye has also succeeded in publicizing Sacred Heart College and will be the face of Nigeria in Switzerland, in a few days’ time.


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