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Ondo adds 800 health workers

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By Kenny Adetunji

New changes to the Healthcare structure in Ondo State signals progress.

The Ondo State government has employed over 800 health workers to fill the gap in the health sector in the state in the last year. This is a significant increase from the previous year, when only 400 health workers were employed. This increase is due to the state government’s commitment to improving the health sector in the state. The health sector in Ondo State has been underfunded for many years, which has led to a shortage of health workers. This has had a negative impact on the quality of healthcare in the state.

Healthcare workers were recruited in 2021 to ensure effective and quality service delivery at the primary healthcare level. This is an important step in ensuring that the healthcare system is able to meet the needs of the population. The health workers will be responsible for providing care to patients at the primary healthcare level. This will include providing preventive care, diagnosing and treating patients, and referring patients to specialists as needed. The health workers will also be responsible for educating patients about their health and providing them with information about how to maintain their health.

Over 70% of Ondo’s population will have access to services.

The recruited staff had been deployed to all the health centers across the state. The health of the people of the state is of top priority. The government is committed to ensuring that all citizens have access to quality healthcare. The deployment of staff to all the health centers will help to achieve this goal.

Ondo State’s governor has paid much attention to ensuring that the residents have access to basic healthcare services. Over 70% of Ondo’s population should have access to these services, and the only way to make this happen is by strengthening the primary health centers. By doing this, the state will be able to provide better care for its citizens and improve the overall health of the population.

Resources and training over 200 laboratory technicians.

One of the first things he mandated was that we do a baseline assessment of the PHC. This assessment would provide a way to gauge the effectiveness and quality of healthcare service delivery, and identify areas where improvements could be made. He also made provisions for well-equipped and standard laboratories in health centers, in order to further improve the quality of care.

In order to ensure that these workers are properly trained and able to use the equipment effectively, we have been working closely with the Association of Medical Science Laboratory of Nigeria, Ondo State Chapter. They have been very helpful in providing us with the necessary human resources and training over 200 laboratory technicians across the 18 local government areas. This has been a very successful partnership and we are very grateful for their assistance.

Equipment distributed to 300 healthcare facilities.

The state government has built more laboratories and equipped them with better facilities so that they can provide an enabling environment for accurate diagnosis. They have also equipped the majority of the basic health centers with life-saving equipment. Most of the equipment distributed to our hospitals is the best in the world. Some equipment is used to sustain newborns and has been distributed to 300 health facilities across the state. This is a great first step to fixing access to healthcare in Ondo State.


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