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Nigerian president encourages citizens

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By Mercy Kelani

It is vital that Nigerians focus on positive aspects of their beloved nation.

In the Federal Capital Territory, Bola Tinubu, the esteemed president of Nigeria, initiated the construction of 3,112 housing units as part of the Renewed Hope Cites initiative. This momentous event took place on Thursday, marking a significant step towards providing better living conditions for the citizens. During the event, the President uplifted Nigerians by addressing them and urging them to sustain a favourable perception of their nation. The President emphasized that nurturing hopefulness regarding the country’s future will ultimately pave the path to triumph.

Furthermore, in the face of daunting adversities, he emphasized the importance of fostering a constructive dialogue among individuals, encouraging citizens to express optimism and cultivate a hopeful outlook for their nation. Furthermore, he expressed his eagerness to wholeheartedly devote himself to enhancing the economic growth and advancement within the nation. It is vital that Nigerians engage in self-dialogue and focus solely on the positive aspects of their beloved nation. Banish any negative thoughts about the country from their mind. Prior to embarking on his day, he requested the recitation of the national pledge.

Gov’t possesses unwavering belief in the nation’s exceptionalism.

Also, it is imperative that the government reintroduces and strengthens Nigerians’ dedication to the principles, magnificence, and aspirations of the country, Bola Tinubu stated. In the land Nigerians call home, Nigeria, they make a solemn commitment. A commitment to remain devoted, trustworthy, and sincere. A commitment to wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to the service of Nigeria, utilizing every ounce of their capabilities. Recently, the spectacle unfolded before the eyes of citizens during the Super Eagles’ match. Elation filled the air as a sense of triumph engulfed them all.

Each and every citizen in Nigeria harbours an adoration for conquest. The hunger for success burns within their hearts. In times of optimism and faith, Nigeria emerges triumphant. Despite acknowledging that the journey may not be without challenges, the government possesses unwavering belief in the nation’s exceptionalism. The current administration vows to fiercely protect the country’s unity and preserve its esteemed reputation in every capacity conceivable. Their unwavering devotion stems from being Nigerian, for they possess an unyielding attachment to their homeland and bear no allegiance to any other nation.

Shelter is an inherent entitlement of human beings.

He imparted, Nigerians should cast not their glances towards the past, but instead should fix their eyes on the future. Embrace hope and rest assured that a nation that holds concern for them exists, and it is their duty to reciprocate that concern towards the nation. President Tinubu affirmed the enduring significance of housing, highlighting its pivotal role in human existence. He iterated that shelter is an inherent entitlement, with the onus firmly placed on the government to ensure its provision to the populace. In addition, he lauded the Ministry of Housing for its diligent endeavours in attaining the mission of Enhanced Optimism relating to residential accommodations and the growth of urban areas.

The profound impact of involving the private sector through PPP arrangements was acknowledged by the president, who expressed appreciation towards the Housing Ministry’s initiative. Emphasizing the significant contribution the private sector can make, the president affirmed that it is instrumental in realizing a future that instils pride among Nigerians. In expressing his deepest gratitude, he acknowledged the profound privilege bestowed upon him to commemorate the momentous occasion in the nation’s history. He stated that he had attentively absorbed the visionary insights shared by the esteemed Minister of Housing and Urban Development regarding the ambitious housing strategies that hold the power to fuel Nigeria’s progress, foster stability, and rejuvenate the Nigerian economy.

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Housing holds immense significance to Nigerians, as they acknowledge its role as a catalyst for economic growth, employment opportunities, and fostering a sense of optimism. Providing shelter is indispensable, as it not only fulfils a basic human need but also upholds the fundamental right of every individual. Nigeria’s sole purpose revolves around ensuring this right is upheld. From this very platform, the groundnut vendor shall indulge in sustenance. A livelihood shall be forged for the water seller through this very platform. The nail vendors, as well as the carpenters and roofers, shall thrive and prosper by virtue of this site. Nigerian citizens shall endure the trials that time imposes upon them and elevate Nigeria’s radiance far beyond its original state.

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Ask Nigeria
16 days ago

Nigerian president encourages citizen patience. – It is vital that Nigerians focus on positive aspects of their beloved nation. Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
15 days ago

It’s crucial for Nigerians to stay positive and focus on the strengths and potential of our beloved nation. While challenges may exist, it’s important to remember that patience and optimism can go a long way in driving progress and fostering unity. By highlighting the positive aspects of Nigeria, we can inspire hope and work towards building a brighter future together. Let’s embrace our diversity, celebrate our cultural heritage, and continue to contribute in our own unique ways to the growth and development of our nation.

15 days ago

The president of Nigeria advises people to be patient. It’s critical that Nigerians emphasize the good things about their cherished country.The administration has made a wise move with this development. I hope that individuals will have access to the building units. The president needs to act correctly if we are to be patient with them.

15 days ago

As the President noted, optimism and patience may go a long way in promoting development and unity. Ultimately, cultivating optimism about the nation’s future will pave the way to victory. We should try and be patience