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Affordable housing for citizens from FG

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By Mercy Kelani

Min of Housing sent a request to state gov’ts to allocate 50 hectares of land.

The initiation of affordable housing allocation for Nigerians has been officially confirmed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The Federal Controller of Housing in charge of Adamawa, Martin Gyado, revealed this information during an interview conducted on January 24, 2023, in Yola, Adamawa State, according to report. President Bola Tinubu’s National Housing Programme (NHP) has been lauded by Gyado, who believes it has given birth to a new era of optimism through the introduction of revitalized urban centres and residential developments.

Gyado expressed his belief that the introduction of these cities and estates of renewed hope aimed to increase the affordability of houses for the average citizens of Nigeria. He mentioned that as a result of this initiative, the Federal Ministry of Housing has sent a formal request to all state governments, urging them to allocate 50 hectares of land for this noble cause. The letter meant for Adamawa State has been duly received by Governor Umaru Fintiri and is presently pending his endorsement, as brought to attention by Gyado.

Applicants can find solace in strict adherence to due process.

He revealed that at present, the distribution of the houses constructed during the administration of the previous government has contributed to a decline in the housing shortage experienced across the country. Adding more information to the aforementioned disclosures, the federal controller of Housing, responsible for Adamawa State highlighted that individuals can acquire application forms without any charges from the offices of all controllers located throughout the nation. The completion of the housing projects in Adamawa has been divided into three distinct phases.

To date, two phases have been successfully finished, comprising a total of 190 fully serviced units that include essential amenities such as infrastructural roads, electricity, and water supply. It was also stated that applicants can find solace in the fact that strict adherence to due process will be followed during the selection process, as long as they meet the necessary qualifications and criteria for awarding. There have been an overwhelming number of subscribers exceeding the current availability of houses.

Gov’t to create cost-effective housing designs.

As a result, there remains a glimmer of hope for individuals to secure one of these properties. In October 2023, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Ahmed Dangiwa, made a significant announcement regarding the intentions of the Federal Government of Nigeria to address the housing crisis in Nigeria. Dangiwa stated that the objective of the government is to create cost-effective housing designs and support the construction of affordable and high-quality homes for Nigerian citizens.

Also, emphasized that this initiative aims to cater specifically to the housing needs of 80% of low and median income individuals in the country. To ensure the success of this endeavour, Dangiwa formed an affordable housing design committee within his first week in office. This committee’s primary task is to develop innovative and efficient design options that align with the income profiles of Nigerians falling under this category. The Ministry’s primary responsibility, as derived from the aforementioned, is to develop and execute the strategies, initiatives, and schemes of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN).

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These schemes include the transportation of goods and people via road, the construction and restoration of highways, the strategic planning and architectural design of highways, as well as the continuous supervision and up keeping of federal roads. The continuous and gradual expansion and maintenance of road networks play a crucial role in propelling economic diversification, growth, and progress. Implementing the utilization of concrete in road construction endeavours is an essential aspect of achieving the objective of the ministry. Furthermore, it is vital to concentrate on delivering the predetermined outcomes in key sectors.

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29 days ago

Affordable housing for citizens from FG.Min of Housing sent a request to state gov’ts to allocate 50 hectares of land.Express your point of view.

Adeoye Adegoke
28 days ago

That’s a great initiative by the Ministry of Housing! Providing affordable housing for citizens is crucial for ensuring everyone has access to safe and comfortable living spaces. Allocating 50 hectares of land to build affordable housing shows a commitment to addressing the housing needs of the people. It’s a positive step towards improving the quality of life for citizens and promoting inclusive development. I hope the state governments respond positively and work together to make affordable housing a reality for more people.

28 days ago

Homes that are affordable for FG residents A request for 50 hectares of land was issued by the Ministry of Housing to the state governments. Affordable housing should be made available to everyone. Many individuals lack a place to reside and are impoverished. Affordable housing is something I hope the government can facilitate.

28 days ago

In order to guarantee a higher standard of living for all, it is crucial to provide citizens with cheap housing. It demonstrates a commitment to meeting the people’s housing requirements when land is set aside for this use. The government’s action on this matter is positive.Encouraging inclusive growth and raising citizens’ standards of living is a good thing.

27 days ago

The government’s push for affordable housing, especially through the National Housing Programme, is a positive step to address the housing challenges in Nigeria. Allocating land and ensuring due process in distribution is crucial. It reflects a commitment to improving the living conditions for citizens, and I hope this initiative leads to accessible and quality housing for Nigerians.