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Nigerian Army guarantees safety of Nigerians

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By Timothy Akintola

Concerns of safety raised as the general election draws near.

Nigeria is currently being devastated by recurrent Insecurity threats such as terrorism, civil unrests, Kidnapping and even a maritime crisis. As a result of this increased risk, governments of many countries have issued warnings to their citizens against traveling to Nigeria. Numerous reports over the last months have punctuated the continued growth in the rate of insecurity across the country and despite the consistent assurances from the Federal Government as to curbing this menace, there has been a significant prevalence in this problem.

As the general election approaches, there has been raised concerns as to the general safety of all citizens in the country. The Nigerian army, responding to these concerns, have promised the safety of Nigerians, noting that with the help of the Federal Government, immense modalities had been put in place to ensure the safety of all Nigerians. The Commander 9 Brigade of the Ikeja Cantonment, Brigadier-General Isangubong Akpaumontia, accentuated this assurance during the delivery of a lecture, “The Military and Leadership: Lessons for a Growing Democracy”, at a Town and Gown seminar that was organized by the Faculty of Leadership and Development Study, Covenant University, Otta, Ogun State.

Exercise Still Waters, to be conducted for safe electioneering process.

The Brigadier-General disclosed that numerous measures were being established to protect the lives and properties of all citizens. He said one of the operations being conducted was the recently launched Exercise Still Waters, aimed at the protection of Nigerians during the election. He noted that the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Farouk Yahaya was also committed with continuing efforts to curb insecurity, especially in the northern part of the country. He noted that whilst there was much to be done, the improvement in these terrorism-ravaged communities had been evident.

Brig. Gen. Akpaumontia was also quick to remind the audience which comprised of students and lecturers of the faculty that the Nigerian Army was in no position whatsoever to involve itself in the process of changing the government in the country. Whilst there has been recurring coup within African countries recently, there has also been many rumors around as regards the place of the army in influencing the forthcoming election. The Brigadier-General however assured that the Nigerian army was only invested in a prevailing Rule of Law.

Politicians urged to learn commitment and national outlook from military.

Further on the impending election, Brig. Gen. Akpaumontia again stated that the only change that was to be witnessed was that of the votes of citizens in polling booths and not with barrels of guns. Brig. Gen. Akpaumontia noted that in accordance with the country’s constitution, the electioneering process was heavily dependent on the voting decision of the masses and thus, the military had no affair interfering in the electioneering process of the country.

He however advised that everyone learns from the military. He pointed out that values like commitment and national outlook were major human values that the politicians in the country could learn to enact. Whilst giving a historical background of the Nigerian military emergence, he tried to critically explain the military leadership, as well as military in Politics and the dilemma of Nigeria’s democracy. He also suggested varying solutions for democratic leaders for the socioeconomic and Security improvement of the country.

Leadership, a cumulative process to be played across the table.

Also, Professor Charles Obulugo, Dean of the College of Leadership noted that leadership was taught with the understanding that the subject is not isolatory but immensely cumulative, as well as a game to be played across table. He further noted that this subject of leadership was cut across all sectors in the country. Appreciating the presence of the Brigadier-General, Professor Charles stated that they had the opportunity to be graced by the number one person in Lagos and this was evidently an extension of the faculty’s leadership mandate.


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