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Nigeria not bad in choosing leaders — PSN

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By Usman Oladimeji

The group charged the President to make appointments based on merit.

Given the complexity of the issue, careful deliberation is warranted before electing a leader in a country like Nigeria, which has a poor reputation for transparency and structural competence as a result of years of poor leadership. A group of pastors, the Pastors Support Network, looked into the situation and concluded that Nigeria is not doing a bad job in choosing its leaders from among the country’s millions of people. The Network’s over 2,000 ministers and clergy members have therefore charged and urged the new president Bola Ahmed Tinubu to make choices solely on the basis of merit.

Following a leadership press conference organized by Renaissance Bible College and Seminary Abuja in collaboration with Grand Renaissance Institute in Florida, USA, president of the Network and senior pastor of World Royal City Church in Asokoro, Abuja, Effa Emmanuel, spoke to the media about the leadership issues that impede progress and potential in Nigeria. According to Emmanuel, a member of the board at the Grand Renaissance Institute in Florida, USA, Nigeria is not doing a terrible job of choosing its leaders.

Everyone should accept the decision that Nigerians have taken.

He stated that out of Nigeria’s total population of 200 million, at least 20 million people accounted for the votes in the most recent election. Emmanuel urged President Tinubu to follow the example of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Asian Tigers Malaysia and Singapore in making appointments based on merit rather than political affiliation. In the aforementioned regions, people were selected not based on their ethnic preferences or religious backgrounds, but on the merits they have exemplified.

To that end, he recommends that the President select his advisors, ministers, and fellow executives for the country based on their track records and qualifications. He continued by saying that everyone should support the new administration with prayer and accept the decision that Nigerians have taken. While acknowledging that Nigeria faces a leadership crisis, Pastor Emmanuel emphasized that he had faith in the ability of Nigerians to save their country and lead it to a better future.

It’s crucial that govt’s decisions reflect our diverse backgrounds.

Nigerians, he said, need to change their perception about leadership from seeing it as a source of power and wealth to considering it as a responsibility to serve their fellow citizens. The ideals of honesty, openness, and responsibility must permeate our society, and we must work to foster an inclusive environment for people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. While Nigeria is home to such a diverse population, it’s crucial that our government’s policies and decisions reflect these diverse backgrounds and interests, the president added.

Furthermore, Nigeria’s institutions should be fortified, and the rule of law should be advanced. If we want to stop leaders from abusing their authority and make sure they’re held responsible for their decisions, Emmanuel claimed that we need a strong system of checks and balances. There is also a requirement for neutral and unbiased institutions that can probe allegations of wrongdoing, uphold the law, and defend the constitutional rights and liberties of all individuals. In addition, the clergy argued, Nigerians should be encouraged to actively engage in the political process by voting responsibly and bringing the leaders to account.

Concerted effort is needed to save Nigeria from leadership challenges.

Emmanuel, president of the Network, also encouraged Nigerians to take part in reform-oriented grassroots movements, such as community development programmes and civil society organizations. He also said that a concerted effort from all parts of Nigerian society is necessary to save the country from its leadership challenges. Also, Nigeria needs an internal transformation in which meritocracy, inclusivity, robust structures, and active citizens are valued. The road ahead is not going to be smooth, but we are strong enough, smart enough, and determined enough to make it.

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